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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 things a hypochondriac would say

Hey there. I'll be the headache working again. If you hang around my Facebook page, you're probably tired of me complaining about my aching head. Being the hypochondriac that I am, I've come up with several possible diagnoses as to the origins of this headache:
  1. Brain tumor (may as well start big)
  2. Brain aneurysm
  3. High blood pressure (leading, of course, to #2)
  4. Displaced vertebrae in my neck 
  5. Tension headache (of offspring or spousal origins)
  6. Sinus infection
  7. Sleep-deprivation related pain
  8. Caffeine overload
  9. Caffeine deficiency
  10. Overactive imagination
Tomorrow, I'll dust off my medical degree from Google University and figure it out once and for all.


kimybeee said...

everybody in our neck of the woods has had the headache because of ragweed and other such fallish allergy issues. then we are takin turns having the crud (flu like) and feeling like crap for a while! you forgot to add going blind to your list. if i didn't have the crud i could probably think of a few more!

Sharon said...

lol I often consider tumor when I get a bad headache, too. I blame it on tv.

I've had the headache between my forehead and right eyebrow lately. I do think a lot of it is the change in weather/seasons.
I hope you feel better soon!

Fiorella said...

I get awful headaches too, sometimes sinus and sometimes tension, and what sometimes works for me is a tall glass of water. Try to drink lots of water this morning and see if it helps.

kbiermom said...

haha! Get thee to a neurologist! I am certain that it must be one of those near the top if the list!

I can add to the bottom of the list, though... Hormones ( I used to get horrible PMS headaches after our third baby was born -- eventually they tapered off and disappeared altogether this past spring when I started running :)

I'd also go with barometric pressure changes and the phase of the moon -- for real! Those sorts of things do affect our bodies in weird ways.

Oh, and I'd err on the side of caution and go with more caffeine, not less. Coffee solves everything, IMO ;)

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

LOL. just stay away from medical websites that will scare you further. :)

i get migraines every day and i'm on migraine prevention meds. i take 1 a day. if i don't, i'm toast. MRI shows everything's ok. go figure.

Amy said...

@kimybee -- Going blind...of course!

@sharon -- Hope your headache is better.

@kbiermom -- Hmmm...can menopause give you headaches? Because I wouldn't mind that.

@hotmess10 -- Every day? I'll stop my whining now.

Beth said...

When I was in nursing school my roomate and I were the 2 biggest hypochondriacs there were. Every headache was a brain tumor. Every disease we studied we developed symptoms.

BeMistified said...

Hello! I found your blog and this is the first post I came to due to suffering from Migraines almost every day. Just as Hotmess10 I had a MRI nothing wrong. I stopped taking the meds, they just aren't for me. Hang in there! I am sorry about your headaches :(

kbiermom said...

Menopause... Sure, trade one headache for another!

Hope your head feels better by now. Though if you're suggestible like me, just reading this post may be bringing your headache back :0

Shelley said...

Yes to the peri-menopause headaches. Ugh.