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Friday, September 3, 2010

Is it just me?

...or does anyone else sometimes wonder if random comments left on your blog are ways for terrorist insurgents to communicate with one another?

Is it just me?
...or does it feel like sometimes you just need to get your hands dirty -- in the dirt, in dough, in fingerpaints or something similar where you can really feel the stuff  sifting or oozing through your fingers and the mark of whatever it is is left in the wrinkles of your palms and under your nails even after you wash your hands?

Is it just me?
...or does anyone else find that tween boys are a bit emotional and unpredictable, too?

Is it just me?
...or do you have a hard time leaving a zit alone when it appears on your face?
Is it just me?
...or does a 3-day weekend still seem too short?

Is it just me?
...or does it seem like a long time between the sweaty hot days of summer and the cool crisp days of autumn?

Is it just me?
...or has anyone else started thinking about Christmas yet and will admit to having started making a list or even (gasp!) tucked away a gift or two?

Is it just me?
...or do you sometimes harbor a secret desire to unplug and live offline for a week or two?

Is it just me?
...or are there "classic" books that you somehow made it through school without reading?

Is it just me?
...or does anyone else love the way your body feels when it's stretching, especially early in the morning or late at night?

Mommy's Idea  I'm hooking this post up to Mrs. 4444s Friday Fragments today. Hop over there for more random thoughts from someone other than just me.


Bethany said...

I am already stocking up for Christmas, and teenage boys are just as emotional as teenage girls they just hide it better sometimes =)

Ann in the UP said...

I have started working on Christmas presents, ordering magazines, and knitting socks!

I'm ready for cooler fall days too. Bring 'em on. Actually we are having a very cool Labor Day weekend here in upper michigan.

Nice blog!

Rebecca Jo said...

I've got a Christmas gift pile already started... sigh...

There are SOOO many classic books I've never even touched & I hate that!!!

A zit on my face NEVER goes untouched... sadly... Its like a magnet & my hands are the steel!

Momza said...

Fall is here.
I love getting my hands in the dirt.
Christmas list has been made.
Three Day weekends are never long enough.
Everyday I think about unplugging from my blog and FB and walking away.
Nah. It's not just you.
I so wish you lived by me.

Megan said...

First of all, I've never been here before but your blog design is frickin adorable! I love it!

Yes, it does feel good to get your hands dirty every once in awhile!

No personal experience with tween boys, sorry. :0P

Zits do not go untouched.

3 day weekends ARE too short!

We barely had summer this year so I would LOVE for some of that hot weather and I'm not looking forward to Fall.

Shhhh, we don't talk about Christmas yet! I'm not ready!

I'd die without my phone or computer. I'm sadly addicted!

There are definitely a lot of classics that I never read.

Love to stretch!!

Happy Friday!!

Coby said...

It's not just you: I can never leave a zit alone, I've been making a Christmas list since February and listening to Christmas music for two weeks (my kids love it), and hey! Autumn! Get here already!

Karen and Gerard said...

There are many classics I never had to read.

Every weekend goes by too fast.

Shelley said...

Never, ever with the unplugging thing. AS IF!

Three day weekends are always too short.

Yes to getting hands dirty - usually in the kitchen, for me.

And, surprisingly, yes to the terrorist insurgents thing. I can think of no other reason why a post I wrote on my blog about Romeo and Juliet three years ago would get so many hits. I actually once considered calling the FBI, it started freaking me out so much.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I never thought of the strange comments to be terrorist related, but I have often wondered what group might be attracted to Sidewalk Chalk Ideas. That's my most popular spam attracting post.

Oh I love those stretches!

Kristin - The Goat

kimybeee said...

my husband thinks martians communicate with funky messages on the tv at night
hands - hate dirty or sticky hands
tween boys? my son is now 14 and he has been mean and hateful since he was about 4
zit - like a magnet
weekends - not a big deal
love the change of seasons
love christmas, been talking about gift possibilities for weeks
thought of going off the grid never enters my mind
never read a whole lot of those books either, but i did read a lot
don't like to stretch, had to teach self not to stretch and pop ankles in sleep when my foot was broken

frag answers to frag questions

Anonymous said...

yes to the zit and yes to the xmas shopping. i don't have anything yet but i have started thinking about who i need to buy for.

your post amused me today. there are so many times when something odd happens and i think to myself, "is it just me or..." :)

BeMistified said...

OMG again I will say, I am so glad I found this blog! I ♥ frogs and I ♥ your posts! Christmas, ugh don't get me started. I cannot stand dirty or sticky or messy, okay anything but clean hands.