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Sunday, September 26, 2010


When my husband was 16 years old, his parents would not allow him to get his driver's license until he passed a typing test. My mother-in-law called it "linkage," linking something Mike wanted with something his parents wanted for him. Sounds like a good idea.

But the linkage I'm offering today is a little bit different. These are links to other blog posts that I think you should check out. Some have been written by me. Others are ones I just enjoyed and thought you might too. Let me know which was your favorite -- and don't forget to leave some link love on the other end as well.

My daughter, the vegetarian  This is my contribution to FitCity Indianapolis this month. Did I tell you all that Annie has gone vegetarian?

Titanic exhibit at Indiana State Museum is a definite must-see Wow! Can I just say that about this exhibit? 250 artifacts from the wreck site. Real stories about some of the people who were on board. If you are near Indy, you have to get yourself there. If not, I hope it comes to a museum near you soon.

For better or for worse Beth at Beth: A Work in Progress is doing a two-week series on marriage in honor of her milestone wedding anniversary (#30, I think!). I sent her links to a few posts I've done on the subject. I sure didn't expect her to use all four, but she is. The first one is "For better or for worse." Follow Beth's blog to see the others, which are all expected to run this week. Really, go back and read all the love & marriage posts. It's great to see what others have to say on the topic.

Can't sleep? Just reading THIS will make you tired. It's a post on my sister's blog about musical beds -- see, it runs in the family!

Who would bully HER kid? My friend Beth (different from the one above -- this one I actually know in person), wrote a post about bullying. I don't know if her choice of profile picture, the one located immediately adjacent to the bullying post, was intentionally selected, but I'm pretty sure I would not bully anyone whose mother carried one of those around. While you're there, read this insightful post.

Picture your panties...the ones you are wearing right now. How's the elastic holding up? Do they have holes in them? Be honest now. Leticia at U 8 My Crayons wrote a great post about how most women -- or at least most mothers -- often put off buying things like new underwear because there's always something that someone else needs.My cleaning lady (and good friend) once bought me new underwear for Christmas. She said "I've been folding your underwear for months now and let me tell you, you need some new ones!"


Attila the Mom said...

Love these links!

Emily said...

Thanks for the great links! I found your post about your daughter interesting and I am jealous of your Titanic exhibit!

Is your daughter going veggie for animal rights, health or both?

Mrs4444 said...

I love your cleaning lady; that's really funny. Off to poke around!

Mrs4444 said...

OmiGOSH, Beth! That post you linked up to SS is fantastic. What a great writer. Thanks so much! :)