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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10 things that go up

  1. Airplanes
  2. Hot air balloons
  3. The price of gas
  4. A zipper
  5. Umbrellas in the rain
  6. Eyebrows
  7. The hair on the back of your neck
  8. Your hand when you know the answer
  9. An aroused fellow
  10. My weight
Ugh! I knew this post was a possibility. Heck, I might have even known it was a probability. But now, it's a reality -- one that I need to face and then to change. I have gained about 12 pounds since the beginning of summer.

It started with an interruption in my gym routine. It gained momentum with the "it's too hot to cook, let's go out to dinner/order in" phenomenon. But what has really done me in is the rash, often secretive, emotional eating that I've given into with increasing frequency.

I can feel the weight gain in the way my clothes feel. My newer, smaller clothes are snug. My old, fat clothes don't swim on me the way they did in May. It shows in my face (and likely my butt, except thankfully, I don't have to look at that.) I don't have as much energy. But I do have a renewed resolve for getting back on track.

In just 8 days, a camera crew (well, probably one dude with a video camera) will be at my house to interview me for a 4-part web series that IN Shape Indiana is working on. If there's one motivation to pass up the fries and hit the treadmill, it's that someone will be holding a camera in your face, asking about how you work to develop healthy habits for you and your family. And I'll be honest -- which is what they've told me they want. It's a struggle. It takes planning and dedication and an ability to see the possibilities on the other side of the mint chocolate chip ice cream.

So there. I've spilled my secret (which probably wasn't a secret to anyone who has seen me recently). And now I'm going to do something about it. With some hard work, and a little bit of luck, soon enough I'll be blogging about 10 things that go down.


Beth Zimmerman said...

You go girl! I have a completely screwed up metabolism and can, and have been know to, gain 12 pounds over a weekend! But I know how frustrating those pounds are to you! Hope the run away soon!

Annie said...

12 pounds is nothing! You already know how to lose them, so go do it!! :o)

Jessica McCoy said...

You can do it!!!

Anonymous said...

agreed! you can do this! just think of how good you felt when you were working out, eating right, and losing weight for the "red" challenge you just completed. :)

Momza said...

you so got this!
A TV crew would definitely "inspire" me to move my bahooey!
Sending hugs from Colorado to your doorstep today!

Ashli Moore said...

Hey there...I follow you b/c of my friend Liz. I know it is a bummer when life gets you down (or up in your case). The biggest thing is that you have now put it on "paper" and I believe that means you are mentally committed to doing something about it! You can do it...Waiting to hear the update...Hang in there!