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Monday, November 22, 2010

The blog posts that weren't

I've spent too much time tonight trying to decide what to blog about. Here are the topics that didn't make the cut:
  1. Movies to fold laundry by. Been there, blogged that.
  2. As seen on TV products I'd like to own
  3. Black Friday black out -- no crazy shopping for me this year.
  4. On being a boy Mom
  5. Hanging on for dear life -- A video I shot from my office today of squirrels in a tree. This one might appear later.
If you blog, feel free to borrow one of these ideas. Got any other brilliant blog topics you'd like to read here? I'm all ears!


Unknown said...

Holiday migration. The track to and fro homebase.

Sharon said...

This may be a lengthier topic, but something I've noticed a lot lately. But being daughterless, I can't say for myself.

Since finding out we're having a third boy, comments have come in. Expected.
What bugs me is the number of remarks as if it's SUCH a BAD thing, and boys get such a bad rep. Some people act as though girls are all easy, quiet, rule-followers. Being a girl myself, I KNOW that's not true.
If someone was having a 3rd girl, I doubt they'd receive the same feedback. But w/ 3 boys? Immediate sympathy. It makes me sad for our boys!

I'd love to read your thoughts/experiences here. Not to ever find negative in your daughter-because I know she's great. ;) But to be a parent fo BOTH, and be able to say Boys are ALSO good, and here is why.

I think America needs to read it!!!
Stepping off my high-horse now...