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Thursday, November 4, 2010

May I have your attention, please?


Maribeth said...

Keep growing it, and cut some bangs to get you through the "growing pains". Your bangs look cute in your picture to the right.

Anonymous said...

Amen Maribeth! Keep growing it - you can always cut it - but yes, get the bangs trimmed and have the back layered a bit, so you can still have the asymetrical look that you mentioned. But don't, don't cut it. It's cute, hip and 'fashion'.

Editor's note: I'm the sister who is FORBIDDING Amy to cut it.

. said...

Hair, such a pain sometimes! I had mine cut too short by a deaf stylist, she thought I said "Take it off to inch", when clearly I said, "Only cut off an inch!"
So, I'm hurrying up and waiting for it to grow to totally cover my ears, since its getting colder fast outside.
Your hair looks thick, so you could easily get away with the nice angled cut in the back. I like your bangs in your profile picture, but if you don't want to return to bangs, and are tired of the sunglass trick, maybe invest in some styling bobby pins with decorations on them. "Claire's" has some really nice ones right now.

kimybeee said...

this took forever to watch cause it kept buffering - but you sound exactly like i thought you would! your words and your lips were not in sync either - lol

i don't like your hair with your sunglasses as much as i do tucked behind your ears. you can buy real headbands for about $1.00 each instead of using the glasses all the time. the binder clip thing is funny! you can do the bangs in an angled layer to make them interesting but less bangy - you mentioned showing your forehead, but it shows when you binder it up and it looks fine. i think your hair would look good cut at the level of the flippy parts too and you could go wedge or not in the back and it would still be fine. i realize this isn't very helpful, but i did try! your face didn't look any wider with your hair pulled away from your face and that would be the same as cutting it shorter.

if my sister forbid me not to cut my hair, i would shave my head lol!! my sister has really short hair too!

Beth said...

At the risk of having your sister come after me...I think you would look so cute with short hair!

I just posted my own hair issues. I've got my appointment booked for Monday!

Joanie said...

I like the idea of letting it grow out more, but maybe some bangs to get it out of your eyes.

Good luck with whatever you decide!!!

By the way, John LOVES long hair. I have very short hair. I told him I'd grow my hair long if he grew his hair long. That was the end of that discussion!! Haha!!!!

Joanie said...

I like the idea of letting it grow out more, but maybe some bangs to get it out of your eyes.

Good luck with whatever you decide!!!

By the way, John LOVES long hair. I have very short hair. I told him I'd grow my hair long if he grew his hair long. That was the end of that discussion!! Haha!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you look cute in short hair! And I agree you should go back to bangs.

I just went through this dilemma of growing out layers. Keep getting the longer layers trimmed, and then show your stylist a picture of the flippy problem you have when you put it behind your ears. Mine put it behind my ears to cut it and it's so much better.

(Running away from sister Angie, so I remain anonymous)

varangianguard said...

Perhaps, as a well-known blogger (at least locally), you might be able to wrangle a free trial at one of those virtual hairstyle sites?

But, a binder clip? Really? That's something I hadn't yet seen. rofl

Bill said...

Keep the shades, and let it grow!
But, please, please please stop the Kate Gosselin "hide one eye" look, even if it does require a binder clip! You might just start a trend with the binder clip thing - I can see it now...4th Frog's Designer Binder Clips for Hair!

Missy said...

Amy, I could be your BIG sister. We have similar body types, VERY similar hair (mine is the same length, flips out on its own even though I style it under with a round brush, dark with gray on the sides, looks better with shades on) and are both busy moms. As a fellow Indy resident, could you please, PLEASE let me know what you decide to do and where you have it done?? I need another stylist ASAP!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Ditto the bang thing- I was looking at the pic on the side as you were talking, too!

I think it is funny that you don't want to do cerain things because it's too much forehead but you are pulling your hair back and totally off your face- and, hence, forehead- all the time anyway!

Maybe a swoopy kind of bang...

You need to find a stylist that comes highly recommended and put your faith and trust and hair in their hands...

Lisa said...

I have the side bang issue too. Some days I love them and other days I hate them. My daughter wants to take a razor to them to create even more layers but keep them longish. So that is an option, I guess. I like your hair the length it is - with some trimming or embracing of the flippy part. Plus short hair is so much easier to maintain. If it were long, I suspect you would put it up in a ponytail all the time (like I did).

Tasha Davis, General Manager, and Carmel SuperCuts Staff said...

I admire your guts as I watched you vent your hair woes to the world. I must say, as a licensed hairstylist of 15 years, I've heard of using all sorts of things for holding hair back, but the binder clip was a new one and good for a chuckle...thank you for that. Between you and I, every one of us can claim guilt of the sunglasses hair accessory at one time or another.

Now, getting down to the matter at hand. As women, our hair is our "crowning glory". When we look great, we feel great. When it takes less than 20 minutes...even better! As myself and a couple of the other stylists I work with gathered around the computer to watch your video, we agreed with many of the ideas you have for your hair and some we weren't so sure about.

From what we can tell, your hair is fairly thick, with a touch of natural wave (just enough to make it misbehave). We would love the opportunity to have a free consultation with you in person to discuss your options and give professional input on how you can LOVE your hair again.

Please contact our Carmel SuperCuts location on Michigan Rd at your convenience. (317)228-9920 Nickelle is the salon manager. Emily and Kim are both stylists with years of experience who come from a full service background. We are so confident that you'll love your hair that if you don't, it's on us!

We look forward to seeing ya soon!

Lola said...

Coming to comment from Liz's suggestion on FB.

I agree- meet with a great stylist that you an create an awesome relationship with (if you dont have one already). I highly recommend Lisa Ryberg (Owner at Full Circle Hair on Mass Ave). I've gone there for 4 years now. Our relationship is intuitive- I can sort of mumble about "I don't like this, or that annoys me" and something about "a little more color" or "tone it down some" and she just KNOWS what I mean. every time. She's meticulous- she cares and SHE doesn't look good unless YOU look good.

As a parent of 2 young girls, an avid runner/exerciser- I needed a style that is easy/quick to fix, professional and versatile - she nailed it. My hair is about your length now- but cut to lay a certain way- she takes out the heaviness with her magic scissors. I also have bangs because dread the "big forehead" thing- so we have a great style that keeps it out of my eyes, and I'm happy. Takes me 10-15 mins tops to style from wet to done.

My suggestion- find a great stylist you can pour your heart out too (or play this video for) and let them talk you through their suggestions.
Can't wait to see the new cut!
(Emily - @that_girl_lola on Twitter)

C. Beth said...

I just chopped about 8-10 inches off mine (well, got someone good to do it for me!) so I'm definitely a fan of drastic haircuts. :) I like the idea of cutting it like you were showing. Sounds like a very similar cut to the one I just got. If you'd like to check out photos of mine from a couple of angles...Chop chop.

Good luck!

Mike Magan said...

We had a professional photo of our family taken in 2005(ish) and I liked your hair in that a lot. (I also liked that I was much thinner) just bring that pic in to Supercuts (thanks guys) and then I'll take it to the liposuction place and things will work out great for both of us!

kimybeee said...

at first mike i thought that said amy could take it to the lipo place and i knew that was gonna be the death of you! so funny!!!

Momza said...
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Momza said...

First, I love that you did a VLOG!
So fun to get another "view" of you!
ANd look at that--you've got a free consult with a salon already, so how cool is that?!
I just got my hair cut yesterday after several months of letting it grow out. What is it about a haircut that makes ya feel like a new woman??
Can't wait to see what you do with it!
Whatever you do, you'll look great!

Mrs4444 said...

I love the way your hair is now, but I understand how it gets in your way. Good luck! :)