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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Losing my resolve

I decided several weeks ago that I was not going to go Black Friday shopping this year. This is a definite deviation from the norm for me. I always participate in the madness that is Black Friday. I go for the deals and for the social experience -- the thrill of the hunt.

But this year, I'd looked at several of the sneak peek Black Friday ads online and just didn't see anything that I had to have...or at least that I was willing to lose good sleep over. I consulted my Christmas spreadsheet and realized that there wasn't much on there that matched up with the big sales. So I decided to forgo Black Friday shopping; and I was quite content with my decision.

Then someone shared with me the link to one of Target's funny Black Friday how-to videos. That's when I began to feel like everybody who's anybody is going to be at the stores at o'dark a.m. A trip to Target for groceries on Wednesday night only made my Black Friday juices flow even more. They were prepping the store for the big sale -- large spaces had been cleared and pallets of mystery items stood concealed in boxes waiting for their big Friday morning reveal.

Deep breath, Amy. It's not a bargain if you don't need it. Do not get caught up in the madness. Enjoy the slow pace of family time.

The self-talk worked. When I looked at the Target ad this morning -- I'd seen it online already but there's something different about holding it in your hands -- I was largely untempted. I should have stopped there. But no...I had to go on to the Kohl's ad. Holy cow! Those Kohl's people have some amazing discounts happening. And they open at 3am! And KMart has a great deal on a trampoline with enclosure. The kids would love one of those.

Slow breathing...consult the spreadsheet...right, nothing on my list that I have to find at Kohl's. Let alone at 3am. Although, Toys 'R Us is opening in just a few minutes. And Meijer has been open all day.

Stop it! Resist the urge. Call a sponsor. Go to a meeting.

Ok, ok. I can do this. I can enjoy Black Friday as a family day. I will not go to a store in search of unbelievable deals. Although, I did see something in the Walgreens ad and a drugstore doesn't really count, does it?


kimybeee said...

i never have any money to black friday shop with, but i also don't have anything i need to buy either. kohl's did have some really good ads. i don't even remember looking at the target ad?

Sharon said...

So, are you still home, or are you amidst the madness?

Amy said...

Sharon, I'm at home. I did order a few things online for a small discount. Nothing to brag about.

Christy said...

I love this. Today was the first Black Friday I've participated in since leaving retail behind eight years ago. I went to Kohls (at 7 though. not 3 - yikes) and was lucky. Found exactly what I wanted and was in and out in 20 minutes. So, with that good experience behind me....maybe next year I'll go all in. Hope your day home was relaxing and lovely.

Unknown said...

I agree ! they have good sales but i always end up spending more than i need.
No Black Friday for me today :)
Come say hi and follow me back ! I enjoyed reading your posts :)

Anonymous said...

The only time I've been at a store on Black Friday was when I had to work at a retail store. It was in the 70's, though, so I didn't have to be there until 5 (store opened at quaint, eh?).

I love the way you were tempted then resisted...tempted then resisted...excellent post!

Anonymous said...

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