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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

10 quick thoughts on last night's Biggest Loser

  1. When the contestants were on their way to New Zealand, I felt so bad for Courtney that she didn't get to go.
  2. It it high time for the makeover episode. I can't appreciate Austin's weight loss because he looks so scroungy and please, oh, please someone cut Kailey's hair. She'd probably lose another 10 pounds just by shedding the Rapunzel 'do.
  3. Speaking of high, there is NO WAY in all that is good and just that I would ever, and I mean EVAH, jump off the top of that SkyTower or any other structure higher than 10 feet, no matter how many cables I was hooked up to. And why in the world weren't they wearing helmets for that?
  4. Is anyone else getting tired of Hannah's "look at the amazing me" routine?
  5. I must have had a fever and been delusional because I thought that 3k through the mountains and the sand dune and the beach looked like fun.
  6. Loved Ali's jacket at the weigh-in.
  7. Maybe I was too sleepy to notice, but this episode seemed to be sans product placement. That was a nice change.
  8. I know he asked to go, but I would not have voted for Moses to go home. He struggled at home when they went a few weeks ago and I think he's the one who really needed more time at the ranch, not Olivia.
  9. I'm having a hard time deciding on a favorite to win the whole thing. I hope Courtney wins the at home prize. But I think of the people who are left, most are either annoying or forgettable.
  10. No matter what she thinks, Cara will NEVER be a trainer on par with Bob and Jillian because they have never behaved as if their job on the ranch was about them. Cara wasn't upset about Kailey's gain for Kailey. She wasn't happy about Austin's and Ken's losses for them. She was invested in how her team did at the weigh only insofar as it reflected on her as a trainer.


Beth Zimmerman said...

I'm definitely over Kara! I would have preferred to keep Brett! And I've been begging for Makeover Week for at least a month! I would have liked to see Courtney win but I still like most of the ones who are left. Some times it seems like they have forgotten about the money.

Amy said...

@Beth -- I agree. This season seems to be the the least concerned about $$ and the game play of any season I've watched.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

You make me wish I watched!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

BTW, I did have a friend who tried out. At 300 lbs, she was mocked by other people in line for not being fat enough.

Eek, right?

Amy said...

@Ellen -- Not sure how long you've been reading, but my dh and I went to the audition this year. I felt down-right SKINNY!