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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The anniversary of the moment

Today one of my friends from the blogosphere is celebrating a very happy anniversary. It's not the day she was married. It's not her child's birthday. It's not the date on which she got her first tattoo (I don't even know if she has a tattoo.)

My friend Annie is celebrating her 1 year Weight Watchers anniversary. In that one year, she has lost a whopping 80 pounds and 75-1/2 inches! See for yourself:


In honor of the occasion, I thought I'd let Annie take over and tell you how she got started.

Since Amy often blogs about The Biggest Loser and I write a weight-loss blog, I thought I'd keep that theme going here. Amy often writes about her weight-loss struggles so I know her readers can relate to her. Hopefully y'all can relate to me, too! 

I've struggled with my weight pretty much all of my adult life. I gained a little while in college, gained a little more after I got married, got A LOT more after we moved to Oklahoma (can we say emotional eater?) and then even more after having my son. My son just turned five years old.  

I tried the South Beach diet for about five minutes and knew it wasn't for me. No carbs?! Yeah, right. I have a great love for all things bread, pasta, pizza, cakes, get the picture. 

I tried Weight Watchers Online, by myself, with a little luck, but it didn't stick. Then, one day, something clicked. I had prayed about it for well over a year, and something finally just clicked. I was ready to lose weight once and for all. I don't know how to describe it, but I woke up singing that Michael Jackson song, "Man in the Mirror" and it starts out "I'm gonna make a change, for once in my life...". 

I was ready. Ready to make a change and I haven't looked back. It has been 12 months and as I'm writing this I've now lost 80 pounds. Crazy!!! Weight Watchers, going to the meetings, works. I'm not writing today to talk all about how much I've lost or how much I love WW (I really do, though!). I'm here to talk about that moment of readiness. 

So many people start "diets" and then end up giving up. Why? Because they weren't really ready. They may know that they need to lose weight, but something was holding them back before they even got started. 

Do you need to lose weight? What is holding you back? Think about it. I bet there are so many reasons and excuses why you're not starting today. A birthday celebration coming up, vacation, weddings, graduations, hesitation to being judged at a meeting, stress at work....whatever it is, there is always something. Yes, there is ALWAYS going to be something to hold you back. It is far too easy to give into those reasons and make up more excuses as to why you haven't started. 

Is there a perfect time? No. It is that simple, there is no perfect time to start a weight-loss journey. 

I started on April 29th, 2010. What was special about that day? When I woke up that day, there was absolutely nothing special about it. When I went to bed that night, it had become the day that was going to start the rest of my life. That was totally cheesy, I know, but it is so true! 

But this isn't just about the weight I've lost. More importantly, I have gained self-respect, energy, better sleep, happiness that I didn't know was missing to begin with, and a happier family because of it, and deeper faith as I fully rely on God to get my through tough times on this journey. 

Are you ready? Fight through those reasons and excuses, pray about it, do whatever it takes to finally get ready and that moment will come to you as long as you're open to it. 

Are you ready to be healthier? Are you ready to be happier? I would love to hear about your moment!


Congratulations Annie! I am really so thrilled for you (and a wee bit jealous). If you want to keep following Annie's journey, be sure to visit her at


Beth Zimmerman said...

Awesome post! I've done the low carb thing (successfully until I added carbs back), the bouncing weight thing, the Oklahoma thing (I'm in Tulsa), the Weight Watchers thing (currently) ... and of course the blogging thing! Always amazing and wonderful to find someone on a similar path!

Annie said...

BTW, I don't have any tattoos! ;)

JannaD said...

Thank you for your inspiring post! I have successfully re-reached my post-pregnancy weight from my 3rd child. He's 3. This was not a goal I had in mind...somehow I just got there. "Somehow," of course, by over-eating and not moving for too long. I'm definitely an emotional eater, too. :-)

I've read Made to Crave and I have the Bible study & DVD sitting here...just having trouble getting started. :-) Its way to easy to keep pushing it off to "tomorrow" and we all know "tomorrow is always a day away!" :-)

Thank you again! And congratulations!

Jennifer said...

I want to read Annie's blog but neither of your links are working. She is inspirational, to say the least.

Annie said...

The link is or just google Annie Weighs and you'll find it! :)

Sharon said...

Amazing!!! Congrats, Annie!
I'm a lifetime member of WW, and I think it's such a good program. You are very inspiring.

Oh, and to answer the (rhetorical) question: what holds me back? Darn emotional eating. When I fall, it's almost always due to money or emotional eating.
I know I'm not alone.

Uma said...

Very inspirational Annie, thanks for sharing. Your words apply to so many things in life.

Amy said...

Annie -- A few questions for you:

1. What has been your family's reaction?
2. What's one tip/food/thought that has kept you on track or able to power thru the tough times?
3. Have you ever thought of becoming a WW leader?

Eternal Lizdom said...

Great post!!

I've been on a journey to become healthier for a little over a year. My focus is really on athleticism, it seems. I'm about to run my first half marathon and have a schedule full of events in the months ahead. Crazy!

My wake up moment was when I realized I was "fat Susan" on Desperate Housewives.

Annie said...

Annie -- A few questions for you:

1. What has been your family's reaction?
My husband says I look like a different person (I'm close to the size I was when we married). He's proud of me, but is a man of little words. My son is only 5, so he doesn't have a clue. My extended family cheer me on through facebook, mostly, and are proud of me.

2. What's one tip/food/thought that has kept you on track or able to power thru the tough times? The thought that I'm not alone in this helps. WW meetings are a big deal to me, to have that support and encouragement every week. One year in and I haven't missed one meeting. I even drove an hour and a half last summer while on vacation to get to a meeting to weigh in! Now that I'm a year into it, the thought of going back and NEVER wanting to go back keeps my hands out of the proverbial cookie jar most of the time. I allow myself to have treats and don't deprive myself of much, I just have less of those treats now. I pray for strength quite a lot, too. It isn't an easy journey, that's for sure, but it can be done! My best weight-loss tip is to track every single bite that goes into your mouth. It really does make a difference!

3. Have you ever thought of becoming a WW leader? I would L.O.V.E. to be a WW leader after I make my Lifetime goal! Lately, I imagine myself in that role often and it keeps me motivated to keep going. I would just love to be a part of the WW staff to help other people accomplish healthier lives!