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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Got my Dawg on


My Facebook profile picture is still the green shamrock Butler picture I posted on March 17, the day Butler defeated Old Dominion.

I'm wearing another piece of old Butler fan wear. I wanted a new shirt, but I haven't worn a new shirt for any game in this tournament. So I dug this one out of Mike's drawer.

I just frosted sugar cookies with blue icing. In the win against Florida, it was blue frosted brownies. Over Wisconsin, it was blue BU pancakes.


Mike is drinking his pre-game Diet Mountain Dew.

Charles Barkley picked the Bulldogs' opponent...AGAIN.

All the stars and superstitions are aligned for a Butler victory tonight. Woof woof! You bet I've got my Dawg on tonight!



Anonymous said...

Well that's fine I would like them to win tonight as well not that I follow basketball. However if they win and UCONN wins I am going to have to root for UCONN since it's my home state in all. But I loved the story on Mark Howard's family today on the Today Show.

Anonymous said...

oops see I told you I don't follow basketball Matt Howard please excuse me

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Congratulations! Try to stay cool on Monday night. My husband is from Indy, so I know he'll be rooting for Butler too.