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Friday, April 22, 2011

Fraggin' kids

I've got kids on the brain tonight, so I thought I'd dish up some fraggin' kids today.

 Mommy's Idea

We've hit the home stretch of Annie's 8th grade year. Tomorrow (well, today -- in just 7 hours actually), her class will do a dramatic presentation of the Passion for Good Friday. It's really the first of the last events of 8th grade. After the Passion, there will be May Crowning, the DC trip and graduation. It's really so hard to believe that she's been there for 9 years. As I heard recently, "the days are long, but the years are short." So true.

One of Annie's favorite activities of late has been to record silly, rambling videos for friends and post them on Facebook. I've watched them. Nothing harmful, just lots of random silliness. I thought it was getting to be a bit much, but she got a text from an old friend today who's had a pretty rough go of it lately. This friend told her that those videos were one of the first things the friend has laughed at in a long time. Just another testament to the power of humor and of social media.

Charlie goes back to the doctor tomorrow for a check of his arm. I hope they give him a new cast because the one he has on now is filthy! I swear he must roll in dirt on recess. And if a new cast is in the future, I'd be happy for it to be waterproof.

PhotobucketPics of Robbie's first birthday popped up on Mike's FB page tonight. He was so little, round-faced and happy. And blonde! Who could resist this cutie?

I wrote a guest post about Robbie on Acting Balanced. Not sure when it will post, but I'll let you know. It was a step out of my comfort zone, but good for me to do.

Speaking of babies -- the baby-birds-to-be are still doing well. There are four eggs in the nest now and we're trying to avoid using the front door as much as possible because a.) we don't want to disturb the nest and b.) we don't want Mama to peck our eyes out.

Not specifically related to kids, but moms -- and anyone interested in healthy habits: I'd love it if you'd visit the Fit City Moms blog to read (and comment on!) my post this month -- 15 minute start to fitness.

It's almost 3:30am and I'm fresh out of fragments. If you need more, be sure to visit Mrs. 4444s Half-Past Kissin' Time blog. Wishing you all a happy Easter and a wonderful weekend.


Karen and Gerard said...

I like making silly videos too! Check out my YouTube channel by just searching for kzemek.

Stopping by from FF.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I remember when my son was young, I was at an eighth grader's grad party. My aunt said, "I hear high school flies by." I looked out at Mac, he was 5 or 6, and I wondered at that.

Turns out it was right...

He's turning 25 in August and it has been a blink of my eye. A skip of my heart.

Hold tight Mom!

Unknown said...

I love that saying - "the days are long but the years are short" - what a great way to express exactly how I feel!

Unknown said...

Put a link to your blog on my blog's facebook page - hope that was OK!

Kay said...

i remember class trips in 8th grade... the years certainly do fly by!!! too bad you can't come with her to DC, we could catch a coffee or tea...

you are amazing woman, you wrote this so early in the morning!!! it was a slow wake up today, i am enjoying my FF reading while i wake up ;-)

LAC said...

Love that saying, too.

Thank you for the reminder to cherish every moment with my daughter.

Have a blessed Easter.

Jayne said...

Our kids are great, aren't they?

Coby said...

I love that saying, "The days are long, but the years are short." I try to remind myself of that on challenging days.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Unknown said...

I have to agree on the laughter thing.... ya just gotta do it:-) Stop in & read Fragging Friday

Mrs4444 said...

In spite of all the trouble it can cause, I do think Facebook is a wonderful thing :)

I look forward to reading your post on Acting Balanced.

Better late than never, I hope (my reading your fragments!) Thanks for linking up :)

Gotta run to my first appt!