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Thursday, May 26, 2011

At least he wasn't naked

We had our carpets cleaned yesterday. Because we're still waiting to get our A/C replaced, the carpet cleaners said it would take 24-48 hours for them to dry. We had furniture piled in the kitchen, the front hall and the bathrooms. We decided to pack up and spend the night in a hotel.

I told the kids to pack the field day clothes they would need for school today. Navy blue shirt for Charlie, light blue for Annie, yellow for Robbie -- the colors assigned by their grade levels. They were so excited for a mini-adventure, they all ran upstairs to pack. Even Robbie packed his own bag.

This is where your Spidey senses should be wigging out, as in "check the bag! check the bag!" Unfortunately, my sensors must have been turned off.

When we woke up in the hotel this morning -- everyone should have made-to-order breakfast before work/school, I pulled out Robbie's clothes to find that he must have pulled his yellow t-shirt out of the dirty clothes. There was not a whole lot I could do about it; I didn't have anything else for him to wear. So I (unsuccessfully) tried to scrub the dirty shoulder clean with a washcloth.

After I dropped them off at school, I stopped in the parking lot to e-mail is teacher:

Subject: I can explain...

Why Robbie looks like he's been shot in the shoulder and bled chocolate milk.

Short story: He picked out his own clothes (apparently from the dirty clothes bin) and I didn't check it until it was too late.

Long story: Wet/drying carpets (had them cleaned) and no A/C, so we decided to head to a hotel. INSERT ABOVE EXPLANATION. When it was time to get up this a.m., I discovered the chocolate milk massacre. I contemplated stopping at WalMart for a new yellow shirt, but I decided in a few hours the look would be the same.

About mid-morning, I logged into my e-mail and realized I'd missed a few messages from the night before. Including one from the teacher that said:

Field day dress: Green shirt

Wonderful! Not only did he go to school in a dirty t-shirt, but also in the wrong color. I'm so not winning Mother-of-the-Year this year. I replied with the same sentiment to the teacher who said "I was laughing at your earlier e-mail and I wasn't about to tell you 'green.'"

Have I mentioned I love this teacher?!

I snapped this picture of Robbie after school today. All that mess on the sleeve? Yep. It was there this morning. Luckily for both of us, he didn't seem to mind.



Ellen aka Ellie said...

Ah the joy of parent-teacher communication!

Does his wearing yellow mean all his points/scores added up for the yellow team?

Unknown said...

Some days you're the windshield; some days you're the bug. Moms tend to vary their status more than once a day! ;-) All's well that ends well!

kbiermom said...

"shot in the shoulder and bled chocolate milk" ROTFL!

Love it. So classic. This is why I'm glad to be not getting anyone on any buses or trying to toe any school-related lines this morning,

I'll have to remind myself how happy I am of that fact later -- when they are fighting within five seconds of waking... :0

den said...

lol very amusing.

Rachel said...

Teacher sounds like she rocks.

And some days... you're just gonna laugh and wonder why you even stressed, right? Cuz his kids are gonna do that to him too :)

Mrs4444 said...

That's awesome. (sorry, but it was pretty funny:) 100 years from now.... :)