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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

They laughed at me

program photo program_zps88799fc3.jpgThey laughed at me and that was a very good thing. It's been 13 days since Listen to Your Mother -- Indianapolis. Almost two weeks since 14 of us stormed the stage at the Indiana History Center to share our tales of motherhood in all its glory...and other forms that motherhood takes.

The experience left me feeling like there are not enough words in the English language to describe the emotions, the mood and the connections. Amazing. Magical. Fantastical. Those are a few good ones to start.

Many of my fellow cast members shared stories that were poignant and heart-tugging. Not me. I have motherhood stories like that, sure. But I wanted to share laughter. When I read my piece at the first LTYM rehearsal, I was a little worried how it would be received. They laughed at me. Those 13 other women sat around the table and laughed at the words I'd written -- exactly as I'd hoped they would.

So on the night of Listen to Your Mother, I prayed that the nearly-sold out audience would find my words just as ticklish to their senses of humor.

Big mouth photo Bigmouth_zpsa5f1b22b.jpg
I launched into my piece, titled "This Mommy's Favorite Game." In the first few sentences, there were a few chuckles. But when I hit my first big punch line, close to 300 people looked at me, tossed back their heads and roared with laughter.

laugh5 photo laugh5_zpsa7e1da54.jpg

laugh4 photo laugh4_zps59461900.jpg

laugh2 photo laugh2_zps34279062.jpg

 photo e70332c3-a369-4ad1-b64a-c51e605ee328_zps7860e9ed.jpgI loved it.

I stopped for a minute, looked around and soaked up all the laughter. It was like fuel for my soul. I kept moving through my story, more talking to my 300 closest friends for the moment than reading, pausing to listen to the chuckles, the guffaws, the chortles, the giggles.

And just like that, it ended. My piece was over and the laughter settled. But I can still hear it, still feel it's warmth. It's addicting. I crave it.

And I wonder just where it is that I will get my next fix. 

If you have just a minute, you can read the text of my humorous essay. And if you wait until later in the summer, I'll post the link to the video of whole dang show!

(PS -- Thanks to Mike Washington Photography for all the terrific photos.)


Colleen said...

That is so awesome, Amy! You are such a gifted writer, of COURSE they all laughed! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

We didn't just laugh. We guffawed. My entire family is still quoting you. :)

RobynHTV said...

Your piece was nothing short of hilarious - you made me want to audition with a humor piece next year. ;) The laughs were amazing and so well-deserved!

dhavens said...

Your story is so funny and well written. And for it also to be true, you've hit the storytelling trifecta! Congratulations for a great piece!

Crystal said...

I wish I could have been there. I know I missed all kinds of awesomeness. Looking forward to the video!

designHER Momma said...

bummin' hard that I missed it! I've heard so many fantastic things about the show! And congrats for being a part of it!

Anonymous said...

You OWNED it, Miss! Totally. Bask in that knowledge!

Isn't it wonderful when people respond to what you've written as you'd hoped? This is one of the reasons I love to write.

Michelle and I were so pleased that you auditioned and were part of our show. This past weekend my youngest asked, "Mom, you're not going to play THAT game, are you?!" I had to chuckle...

Looking forward to a dinner with our fabulous cast members during the summer. You all are truly special!

Michelle said...

So I have to tell you- I told my kids about your story, and they were all like, "Can we play that game?" I don't think they will find it as fun once we start :)

WELL DONE, my friend!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Awesome! I've often said that my favorite comment of all is "BwaHaHaHa!" Or some variation on that! =)

Average Parent said...

hilarious. I loved your piece as much as I love your constantly quick witted comments on facebook. Keep up the good work, because we all need more laughter in our lives!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Wish I could have been there - what a great experience and this post really captures the joy of it!