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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Biggest Loser: The Fill-in-the-Blank Edition

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Confession: I slept through the first 90 minutes of the Biggest Loser tonight. And it didn't tape (I think Charlie had a hand in that).

So, welcome to my Biggest Loser: Fill-in-the-Blank Edition. AKA -- please, someone, tell me what happened!

The continuation of last week's show got off to a 1.) _____________ start when Mike lost 2. __________ pounds -- enough to keep everyone on the ranch for another week.

The first challenge of the night was 3.)_____________________. The
4.) ______________ team won. Their prize was 5. __________________.

At some point, the black team won 24 hours of luxury by 6.)_____________________.

Sione crossed the color line and returned to Bob's side of the gym for the last chance workout because 7.)___________________ [Did Filippe too? 8.)_____________ ]

And the players were squared off against one another for this week's weigh in. Tara sat out of the pairings because 9.)________________________.

Thanks for your help. I can take it from here!

The other pairings were:

Mike vs. Cathy. Winner = Mike (black)
Laura vs. Aubrey = Aubrey (blue)
Filippe vs. Kristin = Kristen (blue)
Helen vs. Ron = Helen (black)
Sione vs. Mandi= Sione -- with Mandi gaining 2 pounds, handing the win over to the black team.

Which means that someone on the blue team would be sent home tonight. Each blue team member gets a vote, as does Laura (black team) who has an extra vote left over from last week.

Besides Mandi's gain, there were two surprises at the weigh in tonight -- Tara lost 0 and Laura gained 1 (ok, so that's not much of a surprise). I have to wonder if Tara, knowing that she wasn't weighing against someone, didn't waterload to save a big loss for next week?

Amazingly Kristin said that Mandi needs to go home because she, Cathy and Ron are going to stick together. Is she nuts?! If she is really tired of the blue team losing she needs to get rid of Ron. The man is dead weight -- pun intended.

Mandi and Aubrey talk with Laura about voting for Cathy, forcing the vote to a tie and leaving the fate to the black team. The black team agreed to vote off Aubrey who said that she would rather go home than have her sister sent home.

Hello?! Why is nobody saying Ron? It's like he's got some Obi Wan Kenobi mind control powers. Instead of "these are not the droids you are looking for," he's sending vibes that say "I am not the one you want to vote off."

I guess there is the possibility that keeping Ron around is part of Cathy and Kristin's strategy, figuring that as long as he's around, they're not the weakest link on their team.

Mandi sacrificed herself by voting for Ron so that Aubrey could stay on the ranch. Wow! Finally, a strong woman emerges from that blubbering mess we've seen for weeks on end. And she looks great at home! She's lost 84 pounds and looks really happy for the first time all season.


Joanie said...

Hi Amy! I've been looking for your post to find out what happened in the first 20 minutes! I was reading blogs and missed the beginning!
I have to say first off I was disgusted by Black Team's behavior in the past few weeks. Every time they win a challenge (which they did NOT deserve tonight) they throw it in Blue Teams face.
I am sick sick sick of Felipe's obnoxious attitude all the time any more. And his big baby tantrum and blaming Jillian for his lack of weight loss. Get over yourself you big baby! OK, with THAT being said , I'll fill in where I can.
1. and 2. So I'm assuming Mike lost enough bcause it looked like no one went home (unless I'm missing someone).
ok missed this too but Kristen won immunity, and Tara had to choose the teams for the challenge weigh-in. maybe kristen won immunity by having the biggest weight loss percentage. (big guess here)
3. an obstacle course and team
5.won 24 of luxury.
6. see above lol this is harder than I thought!

7. sion crossed with Felipe because Felipe is a big baby about jillian and he went crying to daddy (as jillian said) not sure if this was game play on jillian's part or not.

9 not sure why tara was out on the weigh-in challenge because I missed that part in the beginning.

OK, back to the show! I was so shocked that Mandi made sure she would be sent home tonight!

I think Mike lost weight because he was too young to partake inthe booze fest the rest of the black team enjoyed. I absolutely detest Helen now! She just made me sick, acting all superior and yet acting like she was 15, screaming and jumping up and down at the spa like she'd never been allowed anywhere in public before. I'm just sick of looking at the entire black team with the exception of Mike.
What you didn't see, Amy, was the Black Team gorging themselves on food and alcohol all night. They consumed over 15,000 calories that night! Chicken finger and french fries, stuffed chicken dishes, shrimp cocktails, tequila ahots, other drinks at the bar. They were hung over in the morning, they didn't work out one little bit. Then they tried to lie to Jillian but they didn't know she saw the video of their gluttony and boy was she pissed!!!! That when Felipe had his meltdown. Sione, who is Felipe's follower, said nothing, but left the kitchen with Felipe nd they went to the gym to work out with Bob. And bob took them in. He should have thrown their asses out and told them to grow up.

Blue Team cooked a healthy meal and consumed 1600 calories total. No way should Blue team been the ones to have an elimination.

I'm curious what everyone else has to say (because I need some blanks filled in as well!)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

1. surprising start
2. 11
3. sitting in a chair position with a bowling bowl on your lap
4. black (Tara specifically)
5. being able to match up which pairs go head to head at the weigh in
6. doing a relay race with weights (can't remember the name of the weights but they are round and have a handle on top, I think each weighed 2 pounds a piece.)
7 and 8. Actually it was Filipe who did the flipping out (remember the preview of it a few weeks back?) This one is a long story. Jillian didn't work out Filipe one day and he was mad, kept it bottled up inside, then they won this 24 hour luxury prize (Which was really a curse). They all ate way too much of stuff they shouldn't including fries, mashed potatoes, fried chicken strips, had tequila shots, some or one smoked. They were basically OUT.OF.CONTROL! When they went back to the ranch and Jillian found out what they did, she went off on all of them. In doing so, Jillian said she is tired of "Faking it with them." Filipe took this opportunity to blow up about the other day and stormed out with Sione following. They approached Bob and started working out with them.
9. She chose it that way!

Sara said...

The continuation of last week's show got off to a 1.) _____GREAT________ start when Mike lost 2. ____11______ pounds -- enough to keep everyone on the ranch for another week.

The first challenge of the night was 3.)_____A WALL SITTING CHALLENGE________________. The
4.) _______BLACK_______ team won. Their prize was 5. ______24 HR LUXURY___________.

At some point, the black team won 24 hours of luxury by 6.)_____WINNING THE ABOVE CHALLENGE________________.

Sione crossed the color line and returned to Bob's side of the gym for the last chance workout because 7.)____HE WAS MAD AT JILLIAN FOR NOT WORKING WITH HIM_______________ [Did Filippe too? 8.)___YES__________ ]

And the players were squared off against one another for this week's weigh in. Tara sat out of the pairings because 9.)_____________THEY WAS UNEVEN NUMBER OF PLAYERS___________.

Hope this helps..Any other questions feel free to email me :)

Sara said...

Opps. I messed that up. Sorry but I got most of them right lol I did mess up number 5 and 6 sorry. I read them wrong...Sorry.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Also, I don't think Tara's problem was water.... seriously the were ALL way out of control!

Plus I have to disagree with Joanie about one thing. Jillian didn't see a video of them, her words were "I was given the heads up on the way in here that they won the 24 hour luxury competition." (okay maybe it wasn't an exact quote, but probably pretty close. She didn't say she saw a video unless I missed that somehow.) I think I am gonna have to go back and watch that part now.

And I think it was pretty equal as far a Ron vs. Mandi goes. Mandi is a stronger competitor than Ron, yet she won't have the ability to put up the large numbers much longer. Ron is weaker but he has LOTS to lose so he can easily put up pretty good numbers. That's just my thoughts about it.

And I know I keep going back to this, but THE BLACK TEAM ACTED LIKE PIGS!!! You should have seen the calorie wheel spin. Geez! You could have powered a small town with that!!!

Joanie said...

Shannon, Actually I didn't hear Jillian say it because my daughter was talking but she seemed to know about the smoking and the drinking. I assumed she saw the video, but man! was she pissed!!
I hope you can find out for sure.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Okay Joanie and Amy,

Here is the actual quote, "So I walked in and I had already been tipped off that my team had 24 hours of luxury and that's never a good prize to win here. I just had a really bad feeling about it."

So... no video.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

And this is the quote that Jillian said before Filipe went off on her. "Half of you don't trust me because of your previous relationship with Bob. That makes it virtually impossible to help you. Don't know what to do! Lay awake at night and have people tell me, 'Just forget it there is nothing you can say to them, just forget. Fake it!' Which I can't do. I don't know how to fake it. I never have! I either love you or I don't! We either get along or we don't! I can't fake it! If you can teach me how to fake it, I would love that! (holds head in hands for a moment) What else can I do for you? Just let me know! Cause I am gonna try to get the end of this (bleep) season. Just tell me what you want? I don't give a (bleep)! Go smoke until you die in an iron lung. Wonderful! Next?"

Joanie said...

Thanks for checking, Shannon! Well, it sure sounds like she was given the 411 on what went on. How could she know about the smoking and drinking?
I'm going over to and check out their message board and see what everyone is saying.

Amy said...

Thanks guys for filling me in. I can't believe that I missed the rants by Jillian and Filippe. I'm definitely going to have to watch this one online in the next couple of days.

Marine Wife said...

I think Filipe and Sione were just looking for an excuse to go back to Bob. I think when Jillian started reaming them on their binging during the 24 hrs of luxury, rather than own up to his own part in it, Filipe (who had been fuming about Jillian not working him out anyway) went on the defensive and decided to blame her for everything. But when you look at the footage, okay, she didn't work him out but he seemed to be doing a pretty good job of working himself out. As for only losing one pound, that had a lot more to do with the night of binging than anything Jillian did or didn't do.

Again, I'm disappointed in Bob. Rather than have the "boys" do the grown-up thing and work things out with Jillian, "Daddy" welcomed them back with open arms.

Also, re:blue team. Seriously?! It was time for Mandy to go home?! They are still shooting themselves in the foot by keeping Ron around.

Anonymous said...

Amy, that was hilarious!!!

My friend worked out at the gym in her town next to Kristen today!!!

Amy said...

@Anonymous -- who are you? and where does your friend live? And how did Kristen look?

Inquiring minds want to know...