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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Just had to share what happened after I posted yesterday in "Somedays I've got it (...all wrong):"

I needed to leave at 6:30pm to take Annie and two other kids to confirmation class. Simple enough, unless you can't find your keys. I finally found them at 6:40. Got in the car, all set to go, gas. I had just enough fumes to make it to the corner gas station. Thank God for small blessings.

Today will be a better day. (I hope.)


kimybeee said...

have you been abducted by aliens? sounds like a very rough day, hopefully today is much better!! : )

Beth Zimmerman said...

I read both posts in Feedly. Just popped over to comment that I seriously expected to read that you forgot to turn the Crockpot on! Must just be me.

What do you think ... is Conda, maybe, worse than Vicki? She's about destroying this season for me. Well that and Bob pouting! And hubby won't watch with me anymore. Oh well ...

Beth Zimmerman said...

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