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Monday, September 15, 2008

My life in words

Have you been to If not, hustle on over there -- are soon as you are finished reading my blog, of course.

You create "word pictures" by either typing or copying and pasting a bunch of words, text from a website or linking to a website and the Wordle Fairy draws your word picture. Then you decide how you want it to look -- horizontal, vertical, every which way. You can even choose the font and the colors.

Thanks to Krista at Everyone's Child for giving me the idea to put my Wordle picture here. This first one is what I came up with when I just typed in words that I feel describe me:

Note: To see my Wordle's better, click on them. You'll be taken to Just be sure to come back!

When I let Wordle pick up the words from my blog, this is the picture it gave me:

Which means I better start blogging more about Annie and Robbie soon or I'm gonna be accused of playing favorites.

Warning: Wordle is ADDICTING! You'll find yourself creating word pictures for your children, your spouse, your favorite football team or even for your favorite beverage:



Krista Long said...

Fun with wordle! Thanks for the visit and the credit.

(and I am guilty of the shake it off thing too)

Sharon said...

Oh fun!
I've seen this before but haven't done it recently.
Thanks. :)

Stephanie said...


I didn't use the Wordle for my wedding invitation like previously planned, but I still keep a copy of it in my wallet.

Mike Magan said...

I'm amazed that my name was larger than Scrabble. The diet coke one was really cool.