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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The underwear question

There are just some conversations that even the most experienced mother cannot anticipate. Charlie brought one to me last night.

Charlie: "Mom, do you wear underwear all the time?"

Me: "Yes."

Charlie: "Even with your pajamas?"

Me: "Yes."

Charlie: "Even when you're dead?"

Hmmm...I never thought about it.

Is it appropriate to arrive at the pearly gates going commando? Does God really care about the state of our undergarments once we are dead? (Which begs the question, does God really care about the state of our undergarments while we're alive?) Did the guy who wanted to stand up during his own wake prefer boxers or briefs for the occasion?

Would I want to wear fancy panties or cotton grannies for the life ever after? A sensible solid or something with a pattern that says "I had flair in this life?" Of course, it will all be between me, God and the undertaker.

So to answer your question, Charlie, I definitely want to wear some type of skivvies when I go to my final resting place, though I'm not sure right now what style I would choose. Once I have it figured out, I'll have to go back to my "Last Wishes" entry and add it to the list.


Anonymous said...

Let Charlie know that Aunt Betsy would like to have skivvies on too. Now while I'd like to act like the cool, hip and stylish Aunt, I have to admit that some good old cotton undies (pretty flowers would be nice) would have to be my choice!