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Friday, September 26, 2008

This takes the cake.

My kids only had a half-day of school today, so I decided we needed a little "ohana" time, instead of having everyone spend the day in front of the computer or television or Xbox. But what to do?

I thought of going to the indoor water park, but then I remembered Charlie's arm is still in a cast. (How could I have forgotten?!)

I mentioned heading to the zoo or the Children's Museum, but Annie informed me that she's too old for those places. (How can you be too old for the zoo?!)

Mike suggested going to a movie, but it's so nice outside. I hate to waste the day -- and the money -- at the movie theater. (Besides, how is that different than sitting in front of a screen at home?)

So I opened the newspaper to look at the community calendar to see if there was something different that might be fun to do. My eyes fell to the following event:

Young Chef's Cake Walk
Students make, bake and decorate their own cakes.

"Hmm...," I thought. "This sounds promising."

Recipes include cake in a can and decorator's buttercream icing.

"Yummy! I love buttercream. Where do we sign up?"

Registration required. $35

$35?! $35?! Are you freakin' kidding me? For $35, I could buy 8 cake mixes and 8 tubs of pre-made frosting. Since it's been forever since I've made a cake from scratch, I don't know how much that would cost, but I bet it's not $35.

I think I might drive over there and hang out in the parking lot to see who is crazy enough to pay $35 for their kid to bake a cake. Then I'll hand them a flyer for my new business:

Kid's Pizza Kitchen
Make and bake your own pizza.
$50, pepperoni extra.

I figure in no time I'll be rakin' in the dough.

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Sharon said...

That's crazy. Dang. Aidan did a kids' food class this past summer, and it was TEN. For 5 30 min. sessions. OK...

So what DID you do?