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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Superman's got nothing on me.

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. By doing so, I'm going to trust you to keep this secret with me. Because if word got out about my little secret, people the world over would be hounding me for autographs.

Ok, here goes...I have x-ray vision. No, really, I do. I know you're thinking that only Superman has x-ray vision. But honest to gosh, I do too. I've used it three times today alone.

Not that today's the first day I've been aware of this superpower of mine. I think I've had it for about, well, almost 15 years. Hmmm....interestingly enough, that's how long I've been married. Funny coincidence, huh?

I know you're having a hard time believing me, so let me give you a few examples.

* This morning we were getting ready to go to Robbie's soccer game. Mike came out of Robbie's room with one cleat in hand, stating that he couldn't find the other one. So he sent Charlie in the room to look. No luck. In I went with my super x-ray vision and located the cleat lickety-split behind the closet door.

* Annie was packing for a sleepover and couldn't find her hairbrush. I told her the last I saw the brush, it was in my bedroom next to the bed. Apparently the brush had fallen to the floor and was hidden by the quilt. Poor girl couldn't find it. But thanks to my x-ray vision, it was SuperMom to the rescue!

* The last time we had hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner, there was general disappointment that we had no ketchup to go with our meat. At least that's what everyone thought until I got up, opened the refrigerator door, looked right at the shelf where at least two other family members had looked before and found the ketchup right behind the pickles.

I don't want to brag or make anyone feel inferior because of my superpower. But I'm just so thankful to have my x-ray vision. It sure makes life easier...for everyone else.


Sharon said...

I so enjoyed this post. :)
I feel honored to know a lady w/ such powers!

I've often told my dh that I have Mom-vision. Same scenarios you described.
I also tell him that he needs to watch it, because I can hear his thoughts. I'm telling ya, 9 times out of 10 it's true! lol

No go on and get back to saving your family from themselves. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Sharon! I think it's not really super hero powers..I think its female-hero powers! It just seems us women can find things (probably b/c we just take a second to think -- and ACTUALLY look) and we can find anything!

Or maybe...I got these powers from YOU, my big sis!

To infinitey and beyond!!!

Jeanette said...

I have eyes in the back of my head.
My kids don't believe me.
They have looked for them over and over again, however I have found it to my advantage to keep them hidden.
But rest assured, they are there.

Mike Magan said...

awesome, I'll just outsource my garment finding duties to you!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Ha!! I think all Good Moms have some sort of Super Power!! And I think that our list of super powers grows as our kids grow...