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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rest in p-e-a-c-e, friend.

I come to you today to report the passing of a dear friend. A friend I could always turn to, day or night. A friend who brought me great joy -- and at times -- great frustration. I'm talking about

(I would offer the link, but the result is now a Danica Patrick ad for domain services.)

Though happily married, I've been in a relationship with Scrabulous for probably close to two years. Not to worry, my husband was aware of this intellectual affair and he supported it. After all, if I could get my Scrabble needs fulfilled elsewhere, he didn't have to indulge me in a game he knew he would lose in the end.

It started out as an innocent internet search; we all know where those can lead. One word -- Scrabble -- typed into Google and life as I knew it changed. I found, where I could play the game I loved 24/7.

* Where the only cost to play was the hours of sleep I lost in the pursuit of "just one more game."

* Where most people were cordial and of good cheer and where those who resorted to foul language and bad sportsmanship were banned from participating.

* Where the differences between people in the United States, Australia, England and India were less important that the differences between their rankings (mine was 1748 when the end occurred).

* Where I learned acceptable "Q" words that don't require a "u," including qaid, qi and qintar.

* Where sometimes the games were long and linguistically passionate, while other times a "quickie" fit the bill.

* Where vocabulary was sexy. (Don't believe me? Check out this music video -- warning, includes the word a$$ and some "sexy" scenes.)

I knew its days were numbered. When Scrabulous was yanked from Facebook after pressure from Hasbro, I knew it was only a matter of time before my love would be forbidden. That time came yesterday. I clicked my Scrabulous bookmark and realized it was gone.

And so I'm here to say, thank you Scrabulous. Thank you for stretching my mind. Thank you for being there in my times of insomnia. Thank you for being a socially acceptable addiction. It was fun while it lasted. You will be missed.


Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, how did I not know about such a great thing?! I love Scrabble, but you'd kick my butt. Amy, this is proof you should have blogged sooner.

Had you blogged sooner, I could have learned about about Scrabulous sooner. GOSH.

What will you do now?
(and have you ever played Bookworm?)

Anonymous said... - please get on here!!!

Cat said...

Sharon, I LOVE bookworm!

Amy, if you find a new Scrabbulicious site, be sure to let us know!

Anonymous said...


Have you tried downloading Scrabble right to your computer?

Oh, the addiction is terrible. I play against the computer and "one more game" is my motto and has cost me many nights of sleep.

Pure, unadulterated addiction! : D

Unknown said...

Amy, come play Word Challenge on Facebook. I'll send you another invitation! You still have to fit in a bit of Sudoku so I don't get too discouraged!