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Friday, October 10, 2008

I was beginning to get a little worried.

I looked at the calendar the other day a little surprised at the date. I hadn't been paying attention and didn't realize that it hadn't arrived yet. So for the past week or so I've been expecting it, anxious for it to show up. But nothing.

I started to get a little nervous. Certainly it had to arrive soon, right? I mean, usually it's like clockwork, arriving by the end of September, for sure. Now it was a week into October and still nothing.

Maybe this is just how it is when you get older? It doesn't arrive with the predictability of your younger years?

But finally, yesterday, as I was walking through Target it showed up...

My Christmas shopping obsession.

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Sharon said...

You KNOW what I was thinking reading this!!! lol Oh my gosh. You rock.

I'm relieved it arrived for you. It's setting in with me, too. I've gotten a decent dent into my shopping, but it's the decorating I'm ready to do NOW. Plus our local station that does the Christmas music starts playing it on November FIRST. Ah!

Anonymous said...

Does that really happen when you get start shopping MONTHS ahead?

Not me, I prefer to get into the spirit by pushing my way through lines, paying too much for items that are "on sale"!

Vicki aka Diva Mom said...

Thanks for the laugh over my morning coffee!

Me, I'm disgusted that Kohl's had their entire Christmas displays up the last week of September. It's hard not to get burned out on Christmas by Christmas!

Mike Magan said...

grweat post, you are actually a late bloomer this year

Angie Seaman said...

Oh please oh please pass some of it my way. The "feeling" comes later and later for me every year. :)

Also, thanks for posting about my designs and asking me about my photography on the IndyMoms blog thread tonight. I really appreciate your compliment. It means a lot!

Keep in touch and I'll keep visiting your blog now that I know how to find ya. :)

Blessings, Angie Seaman