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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

His and Hers DVRs

Tuesday night is Biggest Loser night in my house. Once I get the boys in bed, Annie and I sit down to watch and discuss who we hope goes home that night.

Often, by the time we are ready to watch, the show has already started. No worries. I have the DVR set to tape it every week. Besides making sure we don't miss a single challenge or trainer tip, watching Biggest Loser on the DVR allows us to fast forward through the commercials.

Tonight was no different until...

...the weigh in had just started. After winning the challenge, the blue team decided that Michelle's weight loss wouldn't count toward the black team's total this week. She weighed first and only lost 2 lbs, which minimized the blue team's advantage.

All the commercials before the show teased that tonight someone was going to have the biggest weight loss in the show's history. Bring on the next contestant...

But NO! All of the sudden the show stopped. The DVR was full and the recording stopped before the end of the show. GRRR!

So, I went to the list of recorded shows and here's some of what I found:

Godzilla -- 3 hours
Star Trek -- 2 hours
20th Century Battlefields -- 2 hours
Meet the Press -- 1 hour
Transformers Animated Series -- 2 hours (oh yes, that's Mike's show, veiled as a choice for the boys)
Jurassic Fight Club -- 2 hours (another one "for the boys")

So because my nerdy (yet lovable) husband wanted to indulge his inner geek, I was denied the opportunity to commiserate and celebrate with my fellow fatties.

To be fair, there were also a handful of my shows in the recorded list:

Ace of Cakes -- 1 hour
Desperate Housewives -- 2 hours
What Not to Wear -- 2 hours
Food Network Haunted Gingerbread Challenge -- 1 hour

(Boy -- what a picture that list of shows paints of me!)

Some couples will tell you that one key to wedded bliss is separate checking accounts. I think that his and hers DVRs might be just as important.

So -- if you watched the Biggest Loser tonight, PLEASE tell me who had the record weight loss and how much it was, what the reactions were all around and who got voted off.


Mike Magan said...

Phil went home

no where's my potato chips I'm hungry!

Vicki aka Diva Mom said...

You need a DVR with more recording capacity! We upgraded to a 90-hour Tivo a few months ago and can't come close to filling it up.

Annie said...

They sent Phil home.

Brady had the record of 13 pounds which meant that he alone beat the black team before anyone else on his blue team even weighed in.

Anonymous said...

The black team only lost a total of 10lbs but Michelle's weight loss didn't count so their new total was 8lbs. The only reason one player beat out an entire team is because the black team had a horrible week. I was expecting much more from the previews and was sad when I saw the low numbers from the black team.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I am telling you there is something fishy about Brady's small loss lat week to send home Phil's wife and then low and behold, he gets a whopper of a loss this week! 13 pounds is not the biggest loss in Biggest Loser history though. Neal had it in a previous year, right. Wasn't it a 30 something pound loss. He was another one who drank to gain one week and had a whopper loss the next week.