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Monday, June 15, 2009

Poor Adam & Eve

This morning on the way to basketball camp, Charlie was incredibly talkative. I can't exactly tell you everything he was talking about because sometimes when the kids are chattering on, I tune them out. Surprising, I know. But true.

By the time we were nearing camp, he was talking about Adam and Eve. I'm not sure how he wound his way to that topic, but we talked about Eve being tricked by the snake, about how they were naked and didn't know it, and how when they figured out they were naked, they used leaves to make clothes.

I was trying to re-trace how we'd gotten around to this conversation when I heard Charlie say, "I feel sorry for Adam and Eve."

"You do? Why?" I asked.

"Because when Adam and Eve were created, they were already adults. They never got to be kids."

And that one small statement made me feel good inside, knowing that we must be doing something right for Charlie to recognize the joy in being a kid.

One of my favorite memories as a kid was when my mom treated us to a bus ride downtown and a visit to the Coca-Cola museum that was in the Arcade Square in downtown Dayton. I also loved walking by myself to the library a couple times a week (it was a different world then!) and checking out as many books as I could carry home.

What did you love about being a kid?


kimybeee said...

I will just say that you hit the nail on the head when you said it was a different world then. Our childhood's had much more security and innocence than or own children have these days.


Momza said...

Riding our horses to the swimming hole and picking berries in the wild...never worrying about strangers.
Chasing fireflies. Riding my bike all over the neighborhood, skating on Friday nights at the roller rink with all my friends.
Swimming until I was water-logged. Pretty good stuff. Great idea for a post. Thanks Charlie!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I'm one of those people that didn't have a lot of good in my childhood so it's a bit of a challenge to come up with happy memories. My grandma's strawberry bavarian cream always brought happiness and comfort. Mr Gatti's pizza is something that stays with me. I remember a friend who had the game Mousetrap and I used to love putting it all together with her.

Sharon said...

I loved going grocery shopping with my mom. And she & I used to go for long car rides.

I loved riding my bike around the block, with NO helmet, and NO mom/dad there next to me.

After bickering w/ my 5yo today, I;m not sure he enjoys childhood. I sure hope so, though.

Nice post.

Angie Seaman said...

LOVE that! Great post girl. They only get one childhood and you are obviously doing it up right for them. Good for you!

Blessings, Angie

AMY"S MOM said...

We loved our frequent neighborhood gamesof hide n'seek under the street light. We never had to worry about whose yard we were hiding in - all were friends! Walking around the corner to the Bookmobile every 2 weeks during the summer and spending "forever" picking out books - that I never read,- just took back 2 weeks later. Ice skating at the City Park (FREE!)with school friends. But my favorite has to be our annual 2 week summer "cousin exchange". My oldest sister and I spent one week in Dayton (the BIG CITY!) with 2 cousins close to our ages and then they would come and spend one week with us! That was when most Moms were stay-at-homers.

Amy said...

@momza -- Horses?! Lucky you!

@eternal lizdom -- I'm glad you're able to pick a few things that brought you joy. I wonder if Mr. Gatti's is any relation to GattiTown that's open now in Evansville?

@sharon -- I hear you on the no helmets. Sometimes I let my kids ride without if they are staying on our street.

@Amy'sMom -- Mom, I never knew that about the Bookmobile. Funny, because I LOVED to read in the summer. Cousin exchange would be fun, but even more fun would be a Camp Grandma! We could start with a weekend. You, Dad, Nick and 8 grandkids!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Gosh that Charlie is a smart, smart boy!

Ryan R. said...

Some of my favorite summer memories are playing wiffle ball all day long with about twelve neighbors. We were so organized we had set teams, kept standings and batting averages...real wiffle ball nerds!