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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Say what?

Monkey kids

A few little snippets from my gang:

Annie: "Mom, I decline that I don't love you."

Me: "What did you say?

Annie: "I choose to decline I don't love you."

Me: "What?!"

Annie: "Oh, I'm trying to say I love you."

Double negatives are hard to get...

Yesterday, Dungy was meowing wildly at the bottom of the stairs.

Me: "Dungy, what? You have food. You have water. What more could you want?"

Charlie (listening from the kitchen table): "Love."

Obviously doing some deep thinking, this morning Robbie asked me "Does God use the Force?"


Sharon said...

"Does God use the Force"...totally my favorite.
Awesome. What did you answer?

I like Annie. :) I always enjoyed messing w/ double negatives, too.

Micah and Emily said...

You're kids are hilarious! Although it's not a real shocker after having worked with you!


Micah and Emily said...

Your...and I'm a grad student...

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

What a smart boy that Charlie is!

Anonymous said...

awww how cute!