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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Biggest Loser: Makeover Week

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Sorry for the late update. I fell asleep with my little guy just as the Biggest Loser was beginning and just woke up at 1:15am!

It's Makeover Week! And each contestant has to give an inspirational speech. To help prepare the contestants for their speech, Tim Gunn and Tabatha Coffey will give them fashion and hair tips.

The Makeover
Randy is arguing with Tabatha about the beard. I totally hope that Tabatha wins.

Rebecca's transformation - the before and after pics were striking. It's easy to forget exactly where these people started. Rebecca looks now a little like Ali Vincent. In her speech, she said that since she was 10 years old, she's always been chubby friend and sister.

Danny - A little color in his hair took about 15 years off him, though I can't help but think he looks a little like Fred Flintstone. A cute Fred Flintstone, but from Bedrock for sure. Danny shared that before he started TBL, his daughter said, "Daddy, I want to have a belly just like you -- I love your belly." If that's not a wake up call, I don't know what would be.

Allen - How do you make over a guy who is already bald? LOL! But he definitely cleans up good in a suit. He talked about being a firefighter charged with saving people's lives when fearing for his own.

Amanda - Ok, I think she got gypped in this makeover. Rebecca looked glam. Amanda looked frumpy. The shirt was awful and why the heck not put her in a dress that could show off her figure? I think Amanda's story is probably typical of many of today's young people. She had no tragedy that set her weight soaring. She just woke up one day and she was fat -- a lifetime of too much eating and not enough moving.

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! What else to say? I just wanted to rub my hands on his facial hair-free face. And I finally figured out who he looks like. Tara from last season. Every time he smiles, I see Tara. Rudy shared that he lost his sister from cancer when he was 12 years old. Before she died, she encouraged Rudy to do something about his weight. That's a piece of Rudy we haven't seen or heard before

Liz - Love the new 'do. Very stylish and flattering to her face. She blamed her weight on everyone except herself. Her message to every wife, mother, grandmother is that you're worth taking a little time to take care of yourself every day. "I tried to take care of my husband, my kids, my business and somewhere along the way lost myself," Liz said. Yeah. That's a song I could sing.

The Challenge
It felt like the show should have wrapped after the makeover. But there was still work to be done. In tonight's first -- and only challenge -- the players had to pull themselves across a 700 foot ravine, sitting on a small platform suspended over the canyon. The winner gets to take their family for a two week vacation to the new Biggest Loser Fitness Ranch in St. George, Utah.

Poor Liz was freaking out -- and that's exactly how I would have been. "Do you swear to God I'm not gonna fall out of this damn thing?!" LOL!

Rudy and Amanda took the early lead, but I was really hoping Danny would shoot out ahead. Not to be -- Rudy won.

Commercial break with a preview of the new movie The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock. Wow, Michael Aron, who plays a football player taken in by a southern socialite, had to lose 100 pounds before filming on the movie began. I'm amazed he was even considered for the role at 100 pounds overweight. I've been wanting to see that movie, but now I really want to see it.

After the challenge, Bob wants to know why Allen isn't winning all of the challenges. Allen admits to playing the game a little, letting others win so he keeps the target off his back.

Dr. Phillian goes to work on Rudy and tries to help him see what really got him to 400+ pounds. "I take in every problem and leave it there. And I eat." Hmmm...seems familiar to me...

Green week - tips include take your own mug to the coffee shop and buy local. Would love to talk about buying local sometime...Do any of you buy local? How do you do that? What does that look like in the Midwest? What fruits and veggies are available in the winter?

The Weigh-In
With only one challenge, the weigh-in seemed to come up fast. Bet the contestants felt the same.

Danny - lost 12, sixth week in a row that Danny has lost double digits

Rudy - He's growing that dang beard back. But he lost 16 pounds, so I guess I won't pick on him much about the beard. In 10 weeks, he's lost 134 pounds - most of any contestant to ever lose on campus.

Allen - Lost only 5 pounds. And I guess I'm over being mad at him for voting against Shay because I don't want to see him go home. I'm hoping that two of the girls underperform Allen to keep him safe.

Rebecca - Minus 3. I actually felt a little sorry for her.

Liz - Also down 3. That keeps Allen safe and definitely puts Rebecca below the yellow line.

Amanda - 9! She lost 9 pounds! Which is terrific, although I was hoping to see her on the chopping block.

The Vote
So it comes down to Liz and Rebecca. Liz has more work to do. Rebecca asked to talk to Rudy and Allen. As they leave the room, Allen tells Liz "you need to get some fight." And that's what Rebecca is doing. Fighting to save herself, telling Allen and Rudy that Liz has already gotten her second and third chances.

Liz finds Allen and Rudy and plays the age card. "I'm 49 years old and this is my last chance." And at 39, overweight and out of shape, I can totally relate and hope that Liz gets to stay.

You know, of all the product placements, the one I don't ever see myself trying is the Biggest Loser protein powder. YUCK!

Amanda votes for Liz. No surprise there. Danny votes for Rebecca, again no surprise. So it basically comes down to Allen and Rudy's votes. Rudy votes for Rebecca because of something she did when the teams were blue and black, saying she played both sides of the fence.

Rebecca goes down swinging, telling Rudy that if he didn't trust her, he should have said something before. She was so upset and I felt sorry for her. I think if Liz had been voted off, she would have been resigned to it. But Rebecca went kicking and screaming. In the 10 weeks she was on the ranch, Rebecca lost 71 incredible pounds.

The Transformation
In the transformation moment, Rebecca ran a half-marathon. She looks incredible. She's lost 107 pounds and hopes to open a gym for overweight children. Something about her transformation makes me feel hopeful and good inside. I think it's because I worried that when she left the ranch so upset, she would go home and eat those feelings away. But she triumphed and, I think, will be a contender at the finale.

Disclaimer: The professional communicator in me is being driven crazy by the fact that I'm flipping back and forth between past and present verb tenses. If it's making you crazy too, sorry. But it's now 2:40am and I'm just too tired to go back and fix it all. Forgive me?


Anonymous said...

Written well! I felt bad for Rebecca as well, but I was glad to see Liz stay. I like her spunk! It was very emotional for me when they showed her transformation. It really motivated me. Now, if I just use it!

And about buying local....I have no idea where to buy local in Indiana in the winter. Would love to know a place around Bloomington.

Deby said...

I'm so mad at myself for not checking the TV guide. When the cartoon came on at 8pm I assumed Biggest Loser wouldn't be on and I missed it! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,,,,,I missed it. To be honest, I probably would have fallen asleep before the end anyway.

But I'm still mad at myself for missing it!!!

I know, I know, get over myself, right?

Joanne said...

Great recap -- have to say I am getting a bit tired of Rudy's attitude. He just seems to stir it up and then shrug like "so what - this is how I feel - too bad so sad".

I LOVED how Rebecca looked I just hope she doesn't get stupid skinny for the finale - but that's a wasted wish isn't it?

Sharon said...

I was also hoping Amanda would have been gone.
I'm amazed at Rebecca's progress, but seeing her go didn't make me too sad. I felt bad for her, yes, but she seemed kind of immature to me.
My jaw did drop when they showed her transformation. Incredible.

I like Rudy, but was wondering WTH he was talking about w/ Rebecca. Seriously?! It IS a game, people. Everyone has "played the game" that's left, imo.

I teared up when danny saw his family before giving his speech. I love Danny. I can see the Fred Flinstone thing. He also reminded me a little of John Goodman.

Jenny McB said...

Rudy came off as pompous about the game playing. It is a game and there is a winner. Rebecca had a good argument that Liz has had so many chances already.

You can watch Rebecca on Jay Leno on line and she looks great! (Dating Daniel!)

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I lost respect last week for Rudy when he voted for Shay and he did nothing to get it back this week. WTH was he talking about with Rebecca and the blue and black teams?? But at this point, it's really getting hard to want anyone to leave...Except Rudy.

Joanie said...

I'm actually running out of people I like!

OK. I. don't. like. Rudy. one. bit. I think he's a two-faced, mean redneck and I hope he's not part of the finale. With that being said, he'll probably win.

For the first time in 10 weeks, Amanda didn't spout about America choosing her (I actually voted for the other gal last season!). I was amazed.

I like Danny except for his boo-hooing. And when he goes home, I hope he gets his daughter on a diet. She looks like Little Lotta from the cartoons with her chubby face and freckles.

So far, my favorite is Allen (except that he voted for Shay).

And I flat out don't like Liz. No way. No how. She's sweet to your face and will stab that carving knife so far into your back, it ain't even funny.

Rebecca was the other person who I did like. She looks amazing (not crazy about the hair in her face, but that's the mom and the hairdresser in me)

I still wish the red team hadn't sacrificed themselves all those week ago. I liked those fellas. And I was hoping the one guy would make it to makeover week and get rid of that silly haircut. lol

I want to see the special next Wednesday about previous contestants and I want to see who bob visits because the guy didn't show up for the reunion show. I know the first winner gained back 100 pounds. The mean bitch in me hopes Heba gained weight and Helen gained weight and Heba's and Vickie's husband gained weight. I know Vickie didn't because I saw recent pictures of her and she looked good (dammit!)

Shauna said...

I saw Rebecca on Jay Leno. She said she's dating Daniel. I had a feeling, considering she ran up to him when he was being kicked off last week. I'm glad for them, though. It's cute.

And Rebecca looks really good.

I want Allen or Danny to win. I'm not a fan of anyone else that is there.

Vicki said...

I'm hoping that Rudy,Liz,and Amanda are not big winners. That leaves Allen and Danny-1st choice would be Allen,then Danny. Hoping Daniel will win the home winner.