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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Color commentary via Facebook


The Indianapolis Colts amazingly pulled out a win over the New England Patriots tonight, 35-34, coming back from a deficit of 17 points earlier in the game. Here's my running commentary, posted on Facebook as the game unfolded*:

7:43pm I feel like I”m walking through molasses. Absolutely worn out from head to toe. Can I still be a Colts fan if I sleep through the game?

Got a second wind and stayed up to watch...

10:34pm Does Pierre Garcon have any teeth?

10:40pm Should have gone to bed when I had the chance. Friggin’ Colts.

10:45pm Think the Colts should wrap their folks in bubble wrap. (Melvin Bullitt hurt...)

11:15pm Freakin’ A, Manning. (Another interception)

11:38pm Crap! Those ppl who went to bed are gonna be sorry.
(34-27 Patriots; Pats need 2 yards to keep the drive alive and the ball away from Manning)

Pats lose the ball on downs, failing to get the 2 yards. Colts have just under 2 minutes to go about 30 yards.

11:39pm Ok, my entire house is awake now thanks to my bleeds-blue-Colts-lovin’ husband.

Colts score + the extra point. 35-34 with 13 seconds left on the clock.

11:43pm Peyton must have some voodoo priests from New Orleans on his side.

*Times are estimated. Had to count back from present time on FB.


Nate's Mom said...

So, a football game can make a sweet little midwestern Catholic girl use "almost profanity", eh? Sounds like an edge of your seat game.

Sheri in CA

kimybeee said...

I turned my tv off at about 11:15 cause I had to work the next morning and I was very irrated by the Colts inability to make anything happen. I had already watched WVU and the Steelers lose and I wasn't gonna watch my last team go in the crapper! I was shocked to find out the next morning at work that they pulled it out.

I just figured an unbeaten season wouldn't last long and they may as well lose to the Patriots and get it over with! That Peyton is a tricky one!!!!