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Monday, November 9, 2009

Help Wanted

Ok folks. I feel like this day has lasted 72 hours. I still have a good 2-3 hours of work to do tonight. Then it's off to a conference at 6:30am tomorrow, returning home around 8pm tomorrow night.

Which means that I might be barely conscious to watch The Biggest Loser tomorrow night. So I'm looking for a guest blogger to write a wrap up of tomorrow's show. Write it however you want. Write it in rhyme. Make a true or false quiz out of it. I just ask that it's generally positive -- it's ok to be critical, but not nasty -- and you keep the language rated PG. And you have to send it to me tomorrow night.

If you're up to the challenge, leave me a comment. I'll give you an e-mail address where you can send your write up and a picture of yourself.

Thanks in advance, folks. Me and my already weary self appreciate it.


Annie said...

I have nothing planned for tomorrow night and I plan on watching it anyway. I can do it. :-)

Amy said...

@Annie -- You're hired! Send your roving report to 4thfrog70 AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

Annie said...

No problem! :-)

Rebecca Jo said...

Wanted to say hi... got the link from Annie's blog & yep, I think I'm going to like it here!

Be warned though... I am a Scrabble NUT too! :)

Excited about a Biggest Loser recap... LOVE that show!

Joanie said...

I always manage to miss the beginning every week, so I'm sure glad Annie stepped up tot he plate to help you out! My hat is off to you, Annie!

Annie said...

I missed the first 12 minutes thanks to a paint emergency with my three year old. He decided that my keyboard for my computer would be pretty in orange! But, I just sent the recap to Amy's email. :)