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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Biggest Loser: Hang in with me HOWIE - The finals edition

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Top 15 Moments of the Biggest Loser Finale

  1. Danny won the Biggest Loser! He started on the ranch weighing 430 and lost 239 pounds for a total percentage of weight loss of 55.58%!

    **** The rest of these occurred chronologically from the beginning of the show to the end.****

  2. The side-by-side walking of the then and now. Pretty cool effect.
  3. Liz looked great - healthy and happy (but, see #2 in the worst list below)
  4. Julio -- now he's one HOT tamale!
  5. Jillian looking Fergie-licious (ok, that one was contributed by my husband)
  6. Replays of Jillian's "encouragement" of Julio at the ranch: "There's no crying with tractor tires...Every time you lay down, I'm going to think "dead father."
  7. Abby. "There is always hope." 'Nuf said.
  8. Dina - My biggest obstacle to conquering that box was fear. Boy, can I relate.
  9. Shay looks beautiful. She certainly has more work to do, but she is striking. And statistically speaking, she's added 13 years to her life!
  10. Rebecca and Tracey both looking amazingly toned and fit.
  11. Shay invited back Season 9's finale - for every pound she loses, Subway will pay her $1,ooo! She could earn $100,000!
  12. Antoine proposing to Alexandra. Predictable, but sweet nonetheless. "I've accomplished the impossible in my life because I had you by my side."
  13. Rudy BROUGHT it!
  14. Danny's ear-to-ear, brilliant smile - he looks fabulously amazing!
  15. Danny talking about what an inspiration Rudy was to him. I could see the mutual admiration.
Worst Moments of the Biggest Loser Finale
  1. Amanda getting picked. It's ageism, I tell you. Or stupid men mesmerized by long, blonde hair and boobs.
  2. Liz may have done a great job at weight loss, but she needs a better bra!
  3. That purple monstrosity of a dress that Tracey was wearing.
  4. Rebecca lost a ton of weight -- and her common sense. Where are your pants and what's up with that hair, girl?
  5. Dr. H's hair. Can you say mullet-ish? Nothing new, but next season maybe they should include him in the makeover episode.
  6. "America chose me." Everytime I heard that tonight, it was like fingernails on a chalk board."
  7. Nine at-home players had higher percentages of weight loss than Amanda, who was in the finals.
  8. Only the Biggest Loser gets a cash prize. I think the top 1 and 2 from the ranch and the top 1 and 2 at home should get some green.
The Stats
Alexandra - 309 to 218 (-91, 29.45%)
Antoine - 367 to 215 (-152, 41.42%)
Sean - 444 to 289 (-155, 34.91%)
Julio - 407 to 227 (-180, 44.23%)
Coach Mo - 355 to 263 (-92, 25.92%)
Dina - 253 to 174 (-79, 31.23%)
Abby - 247 to 147 (-100, 40.49%)
Tracey - 250 to 132 (-118, 47.20%)
Shay - 476 to 304 (-176, 36.13%)
Daniel - 312 to 201 (-111, 35. 58%) (from his highest of 454!)
Rebecca - 279 to 140 (-139, 49.82%)
Allen - 325 to 209 (-116, 35.69%)
Liz - 267 to 176 (-91, 34.08%)

The BIGGEST Loser Finalists:

Rudy - 442 to 208 (-234, 52.94%)
Danny - 430 to 191 (-239, 55.58%)
Amanda - 250 to 163 (-87, 34.80%)

Thanks for joining me for The Biggest Loser this season!


Jenny McB said...

Neither Liz or Amanda had a chance tonight. Amazing weigh losses! I thought Rebecca looked great, while Stacey looked anorexic. My husband called it right on Stacey though, he thought she was obsessed and go crazy on the weight loss. Good season, very inspiring.

Loved your blog for the updates! Thank you for great recaps and I agree with your best and worst moments.

Michelle said...

I thought Tracey was very scary looking and I did NOT like Rebecca's hair!!
So glad Danny won and that it was close between him and Rudy. I agree with your who-gets$$ idea, Amy.

Michelle said...

I agree with other-Michelle... the weight loss looked okay on Rebecca, but Tracey seemed skeletal. Her bones, ugh! I think she maybe tried some unhealthy things to win it.

I was okay with Amanda being in the final three. Sure, she did mention being America's choice MANY times, but hey, that was most of her story. And Liz, personality-wise, just seemed kinda blah by the end. But she did look nice with her weight loss, both ladies did.

I'm so glad Danny won. I had an idea he would from the marathon show. He just played right the whole time on the ranch and afterwards. Yay Danny!

Joanie said...

I was SOOOOO happy that Danny won! He stayed genuine through the entire season, although his crying got on my nerves.

Rudy did look amazing though. I didn't like his backstabbing near the end, so I was glad he didn't win. I'll give him props for the loss though.

Amanda (blech!) pick me! pick me!

I voted for Liz, but didn't like her either.

I thought Rudy looked absolutely amazing! He should have won the at home money.

Rebecca thought she looked way too hot in her half a dress. She needs to get over herself.

I love love love Abby, Antoine and Sean!!

I'm betting Tracey gains it back. She was obsessed with her weight loss and I thought she looked awful. I actually did not recognize her, and for a little while there, I thought she was going to win!

I was so happy with Shay's weight loss! did you see her husband tried to run up on stage? Way to go, Subway for encouraging her in such a fantastic way to continue to get fit!! I hope she wins lots of cash!!!!

Daniel looked terrific! I'm still trying to see him with Rebecca.

Dina and Alexandra looked great too! they each still have a way to go!

Same with Coach Mo. He looked good though!

Thanks Amy for doing this each week! I look forward to your posts in January with the start of Season 9. Couples again.... more drama like the last time?

Anonymous said...

Howie, and 99.8% of the free world, thank you in advance! Do not let us down!

Joanie said...

wait. who is Howie?

Marine Wife said...

So glad Danny won. He looked great! Who knew he had cheekbones?! Rebecca looked great but needed a longer dress. Am not too sure about the hair as I liked her as a brunette. Love that Subway is encouraging Shay to continue to lose even more!

Thanks for the weekly wrap-ups, Amy!

Joanne said...

Ya they needed to make two proper dresses out of Tracy and Rebecca's "choices" Huge congrats to both Danny and Rebecca (oh and blech to the hair is that all of us in agreement??)

Good season - next year looks kickass.