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Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Fragments: Froggy Fashion

Mommy's Idea

I had lunch with Liz of Eternal Lizdom fame today. It was fun to finally meet her in real life. And because I've been reading her blog for so long, it felt like meeting up with an old friend. We talked about peaks and valleys of blogging (among other things). Liz encouraged me to participate in Friday Fragments, hosted by Mrs.4444, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. If you want to join the fun, click the image above.


I left home at 7:15am today. First stop, breakfast for the Go Red for Women Better U Challenge. Egg Beaters and turkey sausage this time. Stop #5 was to renew my 4-months expired driver's license. I got in and out of the BMV in under 15 minutes! Woohoo! Lunch with Liz was stop #9. By the time I got home for good tonight, I'd made 17 stops!


My second V.I. Peel was Wednesday night. Right now, I have just a little sloughing on my chin, but by tomorrow I'll be in full shed. So I'm hoping to not go out of the house. Hope Mike is up to quite a bit of driving!


Robbie has had a really rough week at school. When I talked to his occupational therapist this afternoon, she said lots of sensory processing disorder kiddos have trouble during the holidays. He spent the first 15 minutes of OT today swinging in the body swing. He hasn't needed that since we started OT last March.


Annie is watching "Say Yes to the Dress," again! She's addicted to that show. I can't believe the amount of money these women spend on their wedding dresses. My $550 wedding dress probably wouldn't even make it to the discount rack at Kleinfeld's. The other thing I can't believe is how many women would purchase a wedding dress that looks like lingerie. Not my daughter, I tell you!


Ugh! Mike just came home with the cake he took to the office pitch in -- the WHOLE cake. Turns out they had an abundance of desserts. I cannot survive the weekend with an entire chocolate fudge-frosted cake taunting me from the kitchen. " know you want to..." Think I'll allow everyone one piece and then we'll be dumping that puppy in the trash. Heaven forgive me for wasting food...


Eternal Lizdom said...


Lunch was great and you are exactly right- like seeing an old friend.

Love the little froggies, btw!

I love Say Yes to the Dress, too. I gag sometimes over the budgets and price tags and such...

I'm sure you'll get more comments from fragmenting next time around- it seems to help to get in there early. I haven't had a chance to go visit the other fragmenters today- I've hardly sat down!! Happy Friday!

Unknown said...

How exciting to get to have lunch with another blog friend!

I watch say yes to dress myself and am always in 'sticker' shock my wedding dress cost $225

so enjoyed your FF

Shelley said...

I love the fragments. That's kind of how a mom's mind works anyway, isn't it?

My mother told me that if I wore a wedding dress that showed my shoulders, I would burst into flame as I walked into the church. So I ended up with this HUGE frilly concoction that made me look like the tragic survivor of a lace factory explosion. In spite of my angst over that dress, I still way NO WAY to the lingerie-style wedding gowns.

I like the little froglets, too!

Great post - much fun to read.

Joanie said...

I haven't heard of that show before. My wedding dress was $250. Of course, I bought it in 1981.

I'm jealous that you and Liz got to meet. If I ever visit my brother in Indiana, I'll have to let you know!

Micah and Emily said...

I love dumping the junkfood...something very empowering about the simple action! And I only spent $298 on my wedding dress...I couldn't imagine spending more...

Hope you're well.


Sharon said...

OK, I just got married in 2003, and my dress was around $500. Those women are off the wall on that show!

I hope Robbie has an easier time. :( Poor kid.

How did you like the breakfast? It sounded good.

Marine Wife said...

My wedding dress cost $200 and was one of the bigger expenses for our wedding. If only these girls understood that a wedding is only one day (of which your memories will be hazy at best) but the marriage is supposed to be forever and THAT is where they should be investing!

Mrs4444 said...

Cracking up here about the comment Too funny! (unless of course you speak/read Japanese and I am being rude right now!)

Sorry it took me so long to get here! Welcome to FF--I see you are already a pro. And Liz is a sweetheart; I'm jealous that you got to meet her. She's also right; the earlier the better (I post around 11pm central time on Thursday nights), but this holiday week also through people off quite a bit. Feel free to join in any week :)

I've never seen that show. My dress cost $190 in 1990, and I loved it. (still do, pretty much)