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Friday, December 4, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

It's definitely feeling like Christmas now. Besides the decorations at home, here are some of the things that are telltale signs of Christmas around here:
  1. I play the all-Christmas, all-the-time radio station whenever I'm in the car and Annie complains about it, all-whining, all-the-time. Guess she's forgotten that the big man is watching (and I don't mean her dad!).
  2. We've gotten a few Christmas cards in the mail. Please don't ask about ours. They might get sent out by Easter.
  3. We picked a tag off the giving tree at church and Charlie wanted to know what he has to do to get his name on there.
  4. The DVR is working overtime taping all the Christmas specials.
  5. There were snow flurries in the air as I went to a Christmas concert with a friend tonight.
  6. I've taken back three gifts, with a 4th one waiting to go to the post office.
  7. Every day this week, there have been boxes waiting for me on the front porch and kids standing over the boxes asking "is that one for me?!" (Duh! Santa doesn't deliver gifts in boxes.)
  8. Robbie asks every day how many days until bowling with Santa.
  9. My Christmas gift-giving spreadsheet is color-coded. Yellow for purchased and in-hand. Gray for purchased, but not yet delivered. White for not yet purchased.
  10. My kids have light envy. They keep asking when we can put up our Christmas lights. I keep telling them the lights are up. But when your house looks like this:

it's hard to compete with this:


and this:


(The pics aren't great quality, but it was the best I could do with an iPhone in 20 degree weather at 1:30am!) What's the holiday view from your house right now?


Sharon said...

I love that Charlie asked how to get his name on the giving tree. LOL!

Ou house doesn't look nearly as "wow" as I'd like, but we're buying more this year after Christmas. I like the Chevy Chase style decorations-so many lights, you can't see. OK, maybe not THAT extreme. But more than we have now.

I've done most of my shopping, planned a Christmas outfit, and my DVR is also working overtime. I love it.
Same w/ me-playing the Christmas music nonstop. I can't get sick of Nat King Cole's Christmas songs.

I won't really be doing Christmas cards this year. :( An expense to cut, unfortunately. Stamps alone would be over $30, and we need the money for a new fridge.

Enjoy it all!

Anonymous said...

We don't have ANY outdoor lights! I would love to get them, but I can't find a plug outside on the balcony, so it's a no-go. I did put advent candles on the window, though (like Shelley's). We were fortunate enough to get a tree this year, and I LOVE it. It makes me feel so much more Christmasy. I turn the lights on at random, just because I love to look at it.


Marine Wife said...

We've never done outside lights in any of the many homes we've lived in. The first year we were married, CA was having an energy crisis so that was Stretch's excuse. Now... I think he's too lazy to put them up and take them down!

I managed to wrestle out tree up today but found I need another string of lights so no decorating yet.

*am wondering if it means something that my word verification is bumma?

Nate's Mom said...

Nate has been asking about putting up outside lights for two weeks. We have our tree up. That might be as far as we get this year. I am mostly done with buying. Very little buying this year. We are making gifts for each other this year. I have a couple more items to make with craft supplies on hand.

Sheri in CA

Shelley said...

Holiday view from our house is the across-the-street neighbors very pretty white tree with multi-colored lights in their front window. Very nice!

That is too funny about the "how do I get my name on that list" comment. Kids!

Christmas gift SPREADSHEET?!?! *faints*

Annie said...

mom u made me sound lik i believe in the "big man"!!!