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Monday, December 14, 2009

Quick bits

Last weekend I took the boys to the Martinsville Candy Kitchen to watch them make candy canes -- by hand! I'd taken Annie's Girl Scout troop there a few years ago. We had a great time and will definitely go back next year. To read more about our visit, check out The Indiana Insider blog.

Robbie Candy Canes

Free tastes
Michelle at Bargains Rock! is hosting her first giveaway -- a prize pack of Tastefully Simple items. Entry deadline is 11pm CST on December 15, so get over there and enter today!

Thumbs up
We celebrated Christmas with my in-laws this weekend. The kids each got a game that has already brought us loads of fun. If you're still in need of ideas, you should check out these:

Castle Logix - No batteries required. Configure the wooden blocks and rods to build a castle that matches the one in the picture. 48 puzzle challenges which get progressively harder. Though it was a gift for Robbie, Annie and I have had fun with this one too.

Say What - Made by the same people who make the 20Q (another favorite of ours), the point of this game is to unscramble pop culture phrases. Great for working on listening skills and for plenty of laughs.

Bop It! - Another one that requires good listening skills (do you detect a theme here?), you have to respond quickly to the game's commands or you're out!


Sharon said...

Thanks for the suggestions!
"Say What" sounds quite fun. I love games like that.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I'm familiar with Say What and Bop It (in fact, we have Say What at home). But the castle thing looks really cool! I think my husband might like it...

Shelley said...

Love the game suggestions!