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Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Fragments: Who needs a title anyway?

Mommy's Idea

Time once again for Friday Fragments, courtesy of Mrs.4444. Check out her site for more editions of FF. Thanks to Mrs.4444 for also following the BetterU blog!


Oops! I was in such a hurry to get this post finished, I published it without a title. Hence, the title it now has.


Missed Milestone: I didn't realize when I posted last week's Friday Fragments on New Year's Eve that it was my 300th post for the year. What a great number to end on! 300 posts in one year. I think that's pretty cool!


What was she thinking?! The building where I work houses a community health and dental clinic. While I'm sure that plenty of the folks who bring their kids in there are terrific parents, there are some who make you want to shake your head (or call CPS). Earlier this week, as I walked toward the building, all bundled up because it was 13 degrees with windchills below zero, I saw a woman standing outside smoking. At her feet was her baby, small enough to still be in a car seat. In below zero weather! Outside! Just so mom could grab a smoke! Nice...


As seen on TV: EggCracker. Really? Does anyone honestly need a $19.95 gadget to crack eggs? If you've got $20 bucks to spend on an egg cracker, I can help you spend your money in better ways.

Then there is Heeltastic. Now this, I'm seriously interested in. My feet are horrid (I'll spare you the pictures). You know that scene in Dumb and Dumber where they take a power sander to the guy's toenails? My heels are that way. When I go to those cheapie nail places, the tech usually takes one look at my heels and the Asian chatter is suddenly flying. I just know they are talking about my gnarly feet. So has anyone used Heeltastic? Does it really work?


Fat Jillian? I saw Jillian Michaels on Jay Leno this week. She said she was a fat kid -- about 175 pounds at 5'3". I'd love to be that "fat." And I'd love to see her fat pictures.


Snow charm: When the 4" of snow we received were only a twinkle in the forecasters' eyes, I had two different people tell me that their kids were wearing their jammies inside out to bring on the snow. I've never heard of this before. Is this some new folklore -- maybe concocted by some morning radio team? Or have I been missing out? Because if it's for real, I'll be wearing my jammies inside out more often!


Speaking of the radio: I need to wrap this up because I'm due downtown to tape my "heart story" for B105.7 radio. From February 1-5, the radio station will be playing "Stories from the Heart" as part of a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. This year, they've invited each of us Better U challengers to participate as well. (In other Better U media-related news, Mike thinks he can pull my television appearance off the DVR and upload it. If he can, I'll be sure to post it.)


Rebecca Jo said...

I get an email every day for Heeltastic & wonder if someone is trying to tell me something... I do need to try it myself.. sigh..

& I saw when Jillian said that - I laughed!!! 175 lbs? I'd like to see that number again! :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Have you tried Zim's Crack Cream? I get mine at Target, I think. WORKS. I have that same foot issue. When it gets bad, I slather on a thick coating of Zim's, wear thick socks... overnight for 2-3 nights and it's WAY better. You'll see a difference after 1 night. I've even done it during the day and seen an improvement within 4 hours.

Good luck with your taping!

Congrats on 300!

The egg cracker thing is so silly- to me, it's like that pasta cooker. Boil water, pout it in, wait... pasta's done. Gee, I can do that on my stove top...

Cat said...

175 is my goal weight... I'm taller than her, but still... sigh.

I hate it for that baby. Smoking in the cold doesn't make sense, but to take a kid out there? Oy.

My heels are bad too... let us know what you hear!

Momza said...

SO cool that you're on the radio!! Can I still follow your blog when you're rich and famous??


Beth said...

You've never heard of sleeping with your jammies inside out to bring on the snow???? I always knew when the preschool teacher was in need of a day off because she'd tell the kids to be sure to sleep with their jammies inside out.

I hear a spoon under the pillow works some wonders too.

Amy said...

@Liz - Adding Zim's crack cream to my shopping list. Thanks for the tip!

@Momza - I think I might even be able to link to it here. They'll air in February, so my guess is that's when the station will link it up.

mub said...

This will probably sound sorta strange, but slather on some Vicks Vapo-Rub and put on thick socks before bed. Within a week you will start seeing lovely results!

Mrs4444 said...

Hey! My son gave me Heeltastic for Christmas. Haven't tried it yet, but I'll keep you posted :) I think you should try to moisturize from the inside out first, like maybe increase a certain vitamin or something? (I don't have a clue which one.) I have been known to grab sandpaper from the garage to neaten up my heels.

Congrats on reaching 300 posts!!

Shelley said...

I have never yet heard of Heeltastic! B and the girls always get me a gift certificate big enough for several pedicures for Mother's Day and I love their laser dealio that shaves the calluses off -- heaven!

I personally swear by Flexitol Heel Balm. Works great for me at keeping the calluses away.