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Monday, November 1, 2010


number 14 Pictures, Images and Photos


10 + 4.


Annie's age on her next birthday -- which is about 14 weeks away.

The number of Legos I stepped on in my bare feet trying to cross from the bed to the bathroom in the dark.

One more than the number of children my grandmother had.

Five less than the number of children the Duggars have (so far).

10 crayons shy of a box.

Baker's dozen, plus a bonus.

The size of the pants I wore to work today.

They didn't fit as nicely as they did five months ago, when I was about 5 pounds away from them being too big. Today, I am about 5 pounds away from them being too small. I've been wearing bigger, baggier clothes for fear that the size 14s would be too small and I just was not ready to face that sad fact. But this pair did in fact fit.

I'm glad I tried them on -- it's motivation to eat less, move more, regain all that I worked so hard for.Who knows, maybe I'll even lose 14 pounds?


Sharon said...

You've done it before & you KNOW you can do it again.
This time of year is so hard. Can you find any extra "treats" that are still healthy or low in fat? That always helped me through the winter.
Pregnancy aside, I know I've gained more than I should. I have no will power when I am pregnant. And a few months from now, I predict I will really regret it.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Whoo Hooooo!!! Go Amy, Go!! It feels GREAT, doesn't it??

Nate's Mom said...

LOL. I was wondering where this was going. I'd love to see a size 14 again. Good for you trying them on. A couple of years ago (ok, several). I made a call from a fitting room to share my news that I had on a pair of SIZE 10 pants. Oh, but I dialed the wrong number. He he. Somethings just need to be shared, lol.

Beth said...

That's the spirit! 14 pounds down would feel wonderful wouldn't it?? It is hard work but remember, it is all about baby steps. One little tiny step (and pound) at a time!