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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

9 rotten things I'm thankful for

  1. Rush hour traffic -- Thank you, God, that I have a job to go to and a car to get myself there and back.
  2. Extra weight -- Thank you, God, that I am not one of those many who go hungry.
  3. Insomnia -- Thank you, God, for the quiet spaces that I find, even when they are at 4am.
  4. Long lines at the grocery store -- Thank you, God, for the blessing of being able to feed my family.
  5. Road construction -- Thank you, God, for paved roads instead of rocky, rutty paths and for jobs for all those people who work on them.
  6. Notes from the teacher -- I long ago discovered that an e-mail from the teacher with just your child's name in the subject line is almost never good news. But thank you, God, my children have teachers who care about their success.
  7. Mountains of laundry -- Thank you, God, that we have clothes to wear and a washer/dryer at home.
  8. That time of the month -- Thank you, God, for the amazing workings of my body.
  9. Bills -- Thank you God, for electricity and heat, wireless internet and modern medicine.
What rotten things are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


    varangianguard said...

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Amy. And to your whole family and to all the cool people who come to visit you here, too. :)

    Sharon said...

    Great perspective. :)

    Thank you, God, for the rotten morning sickness that's lingered back. There is healthy life growing within me.

    Thank you, God, for family living far away. It makes me miss them, but appreciate them more.

    Thank you, God, for online friends I've yet to meet. It gives me something to look forward to one day.

    Thank you, God, for my early, early riser (Aidan). It makes me appreciate the sunrise each morning (sometimes w/ hours anticipation;).

    This was great, Amy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Carol E Wyer said...

    Ah I had to laugh at this list....especially the insomnia comment. Well done on providing us with a chuckle and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    Fiorella said...

    Oh, Amy, what a wonderful post!

    Thank you, God, for my bickering children - that they may always have each other for companionship.

    Thank you, God, for my low bank account - for it always seems to have just enough to get what I need.

    Thank you, God, for all those commercials, decorated houses and stores that seem to usurp Thanksgiving - for it reflects people's desire to celebrate the season of generosity.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Christy said...

    What a wonderful way to look at those little inconveniences in life. Well said!!!! Have a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving!

    Missy said...

    Thank you, God, for friends like Amy that remind us to find the blessings everywhere!

    kimybeee said...

    in all things be thankful! i think you covered the high points! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Nate's Mom said...

    I love this. I did something similar a couple of years ago. I might have to reposts, or at least link to it. I had to laugh at your "time of the month." I'm thankful to have had it, that it suerved it's purpose. But, I'm done with it, where is the off switch?

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving Amy. May you feel appreciated today too.

    Sheri in CA

    Anonymous said...

    Awesome post Amy! Let's see...

    Thanks for my hives b/c at least I have access to medications that can help keep them at bay and for a doctor that's actually trying to get to the root cause.