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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas reprise: O come let us adore Him

Another post from back when the only people who read my blog were my mother and amphibian lovers who accidentally found it via a Google search.

One of my favorite parts of decorating for Christmas is unpacking and displaying my Nativity collection. It started when we got married and someone gave us the Fontanini collection Holy Family. Since then, we've added a new piece every year or two to that set.


And I've added other Nativities to the collection. I love having Nativity sets around as a reminder of the reason for the season. And because the collection gets packed away in January every year, I don't have to continually dust it, which is definitely a bonus.

Since this is my blog and I can do what I want to, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorites from the collection...

There's the Peruvian Nativity:

Peruvian nativity

the George Carruth stone-carved Nativity from my friend Claire:


the fireplace Nativity screen I bought as a gift to myself for my 35th birthday:


the "Rita" Nativity, a collection handbuilt by artist Rita Jackson and given to me by Mike's grandmother:



though several of the pieces are broken and are waiting for me to fix them with Mighty Putty.

And of course the Fisher Price Nativity. Though in our version, Joseph has gone to the local watering hole with a shepherd and a couple of wise men, leaving Mary to look after the Savior of the World and a bunch of animals by herself:


There are more, but I didn't have the energy to unpack them all this year. I'll be scouring the after Christmas sales for my next favorite and maybe next year I'll put them all out.

What is your favorite part of Christmas decorating?

Originally posted December 23, 2008.


Eternal Lizdom said...

I love your nativity scenes- beautiful. When I went to Gingerbread Christmas at PLainfield High School (always held the first Sat of each Dec), there were some wood working artisans who made a variety of beautiful nativities. Maybe you can add to your collection next year!

I have the scant remnants of the nativty my mom would put out each year. It's a stable, Mary, Joseph, Jesus and a cow. All other pieces have been lost- saddest of all, to me, was losing the 3 wise men. It was a single piece of plastic- a big grey rock- and the wise men were attached to the rock on their plastic camels and there were a few plastic palm trees around the edge, too.

This year, our advent calendar is an Usborne book- we add a piece to the nativity each day. The kids are loving it.

Amy said...

@Merry Christmas -- I'm feeling kind of charitable, so consider it my Christmas gift to you that I'm leaving your comment (read: blatant advertising) in the comments section. But I'll only do it once.

Anonymous said...

When my grandma passed away, I received her four angels. Each one holds a letter to spell NOEL. I love putting them out because they remind me of her. My kiddos love them because they like to rearrange the letters. Some mornings, they have been rearranged to spell LONE, LENO, and my personal fav, ONE with the L angel far away from the others. I asked my son what was up with that. He said L farted : )