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Sunday, December 19, 2010

He gets it

Yesterday, Annie was at the kitchen table singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." She got to the part that says "Christ is born in Bethlehem," -- go ahead, sing it to yourself so you can hear it -- and Robbie, who was on the floor painting a snake habitat (don't ask), suddenly became indignant.

"Annie! Don't say that!"

"What did I say?," asked Annie, perplexed by what could be wrong with the words of a Christmas carol.

"Bethlehem is NOT boring," Robbie schooled her. "Bethlehem is AWESOME!"

Giggling a little at what her brother misheard, Annie asked, "Why is Bethlehem awesome?"

"Because of JESUS!," Robbie hollered back in a "duh, don't you know anything" sort of voice.

He may need his ears cleaned out, but the boy gets it. Word to the Savior.


Sharon said...

How sweet. :) Love it.
Sounds like he has some good people teaching him the truth!

Annie said...

Ha! That's awesome. :)

Amy said...

Love it!