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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mid-week munchies

So Tuesday night might not exactly be mid-week, but since most of you won't read this until Wednesday and since it's my blog, I'm going with it. Several small bits for you to munch on...
  • Robbie is having dental surgery tomorrow morning -- three teeth pulled, five fillings, several silver caps on the rear lower molars. It's a combination of tooth grinding, sensory issues that made tooth brushing a losing battle, and probably weak parenting. Because he has a clotting disorder (his blood doesn't clot very quickly), he'll start in the hematology clinic for a clotting factor infusion, then head to the OR for the 2-hour operation. Your prayers are appreciated.

  • I think this is the latest into the Christmas season that I've ever still had shopping to do. I'm trying to pay for it all with money from my seasonal job, so I'm doing just a little bit each week. I'm hoping one benefit will be big mark-downs when I go to wrap up the last bits next week.

  • We had our office Christmas party on Monday. I gave The Daily Mood flipchart. I wish I could have kept it for myself! But I was quite happy with the McAlister's Deli gift card and Life is Good fuzzy socks that I took home.

  • I love Netflix. Really, I do. But I have two suggestions for those Netflix people. 1. Add a category called "Holiday Movies" to make them easier to find. 2. Make more of the Christmas movies available on instant download. Having said that, Robbie and I watched the Veggie Tales "St. Nicholas" movie the other day. It was surprisingly enjoyable.

  • Charlie and I have been reading The Family Under the Bridge. I bought it three years ago and its been sitting on the bookshelf ever since. It's a sweet story about a hobo in Paris who takes 3 homeless children and their mother under his wing. I can't tell you anymore about it because we're only on chapter 3. But it's been really fun to see how much Charlie (who is not a big reader) is enjoying this story.
Hope this mid-week finds you happy, healthy and WARM (It's literally 2 degrees here as I type this!). I'll update about Robbie's surgery on the 4th Frog Facebook page tomorrow.


Missy Wheeler said...

Praying that everything goes well with Robbie's surgery. I have had a lot of dental work done and it is not fun.

I just finished my Christmas shopping last weekend. Can't believe that Christmas is only 9 days away.

Love Netflix, but they do have some weird categories and I wish it would just be all instant.

Joanie said...

Hope the surgery is going well.

I've missed your weekly posts about The Biggest Loser this season. Not sure if you watched this year, but one contestant thought she was Gene Simmons whenever the camera was on her. And she was still fat. (did I say that out loud?)

Joanie said...

My bad! I neglected to mention that last night was the finale.