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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

As seen on TV under the tree

'Tis the season for all those crazy commercials hawking various and sundry useless and overpriced items. But they can't all be useless and overpriced, can they? Santa, if you're watching (and I know you are!), here are a few "as seen on TV" products I wouldn't mind finding under my Christmas tree this year:

  1. Chia Herb Garden -- Maybe I'd be inspired to cook?
  2. The Perfect Brownie Pan -- Edge pieces in every bite.
  3. The Clapper -- for Annie's room. She is forever leaving her lamp on.
  4. Foot Detox Patches -- in the so gross it's intriguing category
  5. Bendaroos -- Have you have played with those things? They are fun!
  6. Magic Bullet -- Sure, I'll be cursing it's million pieces to put away, but at least I'll be enjoying homemade salsa while I'm doing it.
What "As Seen on TV" product would you secretly love to find under your Christmas tree this year?


Joanie said...

I have the Magic Bullet. Dani uses up all my yogurt and fruit to make smoothies.

kimybeee said...

my husband and i have always agreed that if we were to become stinkin' wealthy, we would tape a credit card to the back of the remote and buy everything on tv! i have a ped-egg (awesome) and i bought the heel-tastic that i think you may have recommended (awesome, but stinks - not sure if it was a tv item), my husband has the sham-wow (awesome). i don't know of anything i would want - i don't watch the infomercials or commercials very often. i may have to think about it. oh, i bought two snuggies as christmas gifts this evening!!!!

Shelley said...

I love the "as seen on TV" products, although I still make fun of Snuggies (sorry, Kimybee). My sister-in-law has some of those glass bubbles you stick in your houseplants to water them; she says they work great, and I've also heard rave reviews of the PedEgg. I have never heard of the Magic Bullet, though, so I'm going to go google that one.

I have an as seen on TV product that I really want for Christmas - the Easy Feet Foot Scrubber. Never heard of it? Go to my blog to read about it, and once you do, STOP LAUGHING. :)

kimybeee said...

i think the snuggies are such a bogus thing - a blanket with sleeves! that is why we bought a cheetah one for my husbands grandma that is probably about 80 and one for my cousin in wvu cause he is 14 and that is all of our fave team. i have been joking since the first of november that i was getting everybody one - even all of our critters!!

they even come in achmed the terrorist - he is a jeff dunham character. if you have never heard of him, google him and you will get a big laugh (unless you are a muslim terrorist, then sorry!)

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Anonymous said...

We love Bendaroos, but we do NOT love our Magic Bullet. At all. It doesn't work (for us) like it does on TV! I love my Braun Multi-mix chopper much much better!

I want the flip fold, and I just recently bought the Cami secret. I hope they stay in place!

Love As seen on TV stuff...most of the time! ;)