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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Planets aligning

or worlds colliding or something like that.

Planet 1: I told myself this morning as I was walking the dog, that now that the NCAA men's basketball tournament is over, I need to get re-committed to diet and exercise. No more sweet chili cha-cha chicken wings. No blue frosted cupcakes. No more Reese's peanut butter cups (which don't have anything to do with the tournament, except that my general disregard for good nutrition made it easier to eat those too).

Planet 2: Tonight while driving Robbie to soccer practice (a whole other story by itself), I had to unbutton my jeans while I was driving. Oh. Yes. I. Did. Now, they did just come straight out of the dryer and we all know that jeans shrink a lot in the dryer and need some wearing to stretch them out. But I was afraid if I didn't unbutton them, the button would pop right off, ricochet off the steering wheel, hit me in the eye and blind me right there.

Planet 3: Tonight on the Biggest Loser, Courtney was eliminated. I really thought she'd win it all. I don't get star struck very often. But ever since this season began, I have wanted to meet Courtney. She lost 100 pounds on her own before she ever made it on to the show. Now she's lost 215 pounds total!

What I want to know is how has she maintained motivation? I've lost and gained again the same 30-40 pounds at least three times in the last 10 years. Why can't I lose it all, which would be about 70 pounds, and not find it again?

Finding Courtney wouldn't be hard. Her family owns a Dairy Queen in Valparaiso, Indiana. But it seems kind of stalkerish to go up there and order a Dilly Bar with a side of heart-to-heart chat with Courtney. Actually, I'd like to meet her mom, too. She lost about as much as I need to and she's a mom with kids. So yeah, either one of them. Or both of them. We could chat over salads and Diet Coke.

So maybe the end of a celebration plus the frustration of not being able to breathe in a pair of jeans plus inspiration from an unlikely source are just enough planetary alignment to get me back on track.


Rachel said...

I've been tempted to brave that "stalkerish" label and try to meet someone I admire too!

And I totally snorted at your description of blinding yourself... because that would SO be me!

kimybeee said...

who knows what will be the motivation you need - a health scare? or something else? with the job stress and all the family stuff, it is much easier to count the ways to sabotage a plan than it is to find ways to be motivated. obviously what you have been doing isn't the right thing for you, so you have to stop yo-yo gaining and losing. if you find that one magic thing that helps you then everyone will get on board and support you - it is just getting started on the right path. maybe you just need to stop being so hard on yourself and take things a little slower. try walking the dog at least once a day for 20 minutes. you and the dog will both love it. then maybe you can try something else as a second step. just pretend that the first of every month you give up or change something else for lent! if you can give up the couch, you can do anything you set your mind too lol (and stay off the couch once lent is over)

Nancy said...

Amy, I feel your pain. I have never been able to lose more than 10 pounds at a time. I am really tired of wearing my "fat" clothes all of the time.

Valpo is just a short 2 hourish drive from here. I bet you could find it!!

varangianguard said...

Uh, ummm,...have you tried any of the social media to try and connect with her?

Or failing that, write a fan letter to her via the show.

Or, maybe the show's website has a forum that contestants participate on?

Unknown said...

Totally unbuttoned my pants for the very same reason - Jeans do shrink like 3 sizes in the dryer - when my kids see me doing the stretch dance with my jeans they know not to bother me!
I am a total stalker - we call it a "Sunday Drive" at this house!

Beth Zimmerman said...

That would happen to Rachel (comment #1)! LOL!

I'm working on recommitting and doing anything and everything to get healthy, get off this plethora of medication that now comprises my routine, be able to walk without excruciating pain, avoid the weight loss surgery that my doctor says it's time to consider, and darn it ... get my life back! I'm blogging the details at

And I would love to meet them too! Maybe I'll make it one of my goal rewards to meet you in Valparaiso. But I say we meet somewhere else to eat!

Unknown said...

I think my planets are aligning with yours. It's game on!

P.S. So hard to watch Butler lose, but they did it with style and grace. I think they have learned the bigger message about team and being all for one and one for all. Still heartbreaking to see the second loss.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Road trip!! I bet there are lots of people trying to meet her. I also wonder how much she's at home and how much she's maybe busy with other stuff now. She's going to be a total rock star based on what I've seen of her!