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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just how dumb do they think we are?

Or maybe the more accurate question is just how dumb are the people who put out this sign:


Since when do the words "fries" and "healthy" belong in the same sentence? Not to mention that a typical gyro has almost 600 calories and 12 grams of fat. If you're a Weight Watcher, that's 15 points!

The sign sits outside of a new restaurant/lounge/bar near my house that can't seem to decide what it is. The name calls it a lounge. But they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner -- and if you're so inclined, a hookah bar next door.

I've been passing this "eat healthy" sign for a couple of weeks now. Sometimes it lists a burger and fries. Sometimes with a salad. But always with fries. Again, how could anyone with half a brain put the words "fries" and "healthy" on the same sign -- unless they were separated by the words "are not?"

I can give the benefit of the doubt to someone who goes to a restaurant and orders a big salad, like the O'Charley's Black & Bleu Salad, only to find out later that the bowl of leafy, meaty deliciousness actually has 79 grams of fat. But salad at least sounds healthy. Fries? Not so much.

Maybe I've just been playing the weight loss game too long. Not that I've been entirely successful, but at least when I'm making bad choices, I'm fully aware that they are bad choices. Maybe not everyone has the same awareness. 

But the day that french fries are deemed healthy is the day that I will run naked through the streets. I promise you, both events would be very unappetizing.


Anonymous said...

This was great! I think the idea of an unhealthy salad was the biggest eye opener for me when I started on my weight loss journey. It was a salad - how could it be bad for you, if you know what I mean.

Have you ever tried the Beachbody supplement drink called Shakeology? Check it out here: I drink it once a day and it has really helped curb my appetite and wrangle my sweet tooth. I use it as my late afternoon snack.

Lord BgKahuna IV said...

Fries are not healthly?

Eternal Lizdom said...

First, I curtsy to Lord Kahuna.

Second, I noticed that they misspelled "healthy." So maybe what they are really saying is "Eat Healhy" or "Eat Healty." I don't know what that means, though.

Or maybe they are trying to discourage people from eating there? They command you to eat healthy and give an example of what is NOT a good choice.

Stacy said...

The big surprise for me was taco I don't even look for the salads that are popular around here. They have meat and fries both in them and are served in bowls the size of feeding troughs. You can get your chicken grilled, though, like it would make a difference.

Maybe the place by you is offering veggie fries? ;P

Leontien said...

haha! funny post!
I still consider fries (as in potato) healthy. yep, i will bake them in the oven instead of the frying pan and as long as we don't have them every single day of the week (normaly once a week) i have no problem with fries at all!

Thanks for the post though!

Joanna said...

The way I read the sign, the gyro only comes with 5 fries, which IS a healthy alternative to a full order!

Annie said...

LOL @Joanna! Yeah, if you only get 5, then it's probably not too bad of a choice. :)

Most salads out there are worse than having a burger and fries. It's so misleading! Drives me batty that even when someone's trying to make a good choice by ordering a salad, it often is the worse choice.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I think it's sarcasm...

My favorite salad was from Eddie's near Bella Vita. The buffalo chicken salad. Cheese and fried chicken, now that's healthy. Just another reason I miss Indy.

Go ahead and make me feel better, tell me they closed down!

Jessica McCoy said...

I agree with the above comments! 5 Fries is a healthy alternative to a full order!

The healthiest fries I have heard of are from Smashburger. They are sweet potato fries. I'm not a fan but they are only 5 pnts with WW for an order. (Compared to 10pnts for their regular order of fries).

Are you doing Weight Watchers?? Did I miss this? I just started a couple of weeks ago.

Amy said...

Leontien -- We do baked fries here, too. But I'm guessing the Double Apple Lounge and Restaurant does not.

Joanna -- LOL! Maybe you are right. In which case 5 fries would be a portion-controlled way to enjoy the treat.

Ellen -- Eddie's? Is that When Eddie Met Salad? I've never been there. (But I think they might have been replaced by Hot Box Pizza.)

Jessica -- Well, I'm paying for WW. But I am not going to claim any awards at the moment. And you didn't know b/c I didn't say.

Amy said...

Oh and Liz, I didn't even notice the misspelling until you pointed it out. But the other sign also says "Eat healthy," and its touting burger, fries and salad.