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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


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First of all, woohoo! Michelle is in the finals! She totally deserves it. Not only did she work her tail off, but she is good people, as they say. I've never heard Michelle say anything nasty or disrespectful. I wish we got to vote for the winner because Michelle would have my vote all the way.

And I have to admit being disappointed that I don't have the opportunity to vote against Vicky. She didn't learn anything about herself in this 12 weeks?! What a waste of time and effort. Of course who would want to look inside yourself and see a hateful, toxic mess?

So, our choice comes down to Heba or Ed. My vote is for Ed. I don't know if strategically that's the smartest vote, though it doesn't really matter what I think because I am historically wrong.

But Heba will not be getting my vote because she is second only to Vicky when it comes to arrogance and nastiness. Ed, while he is a big doofus, at least doesn't seem mean. He just always has a confused look on his face. Actually, without his wife around, I think Ed could be a likable kind of guy.

So who will you be voting for and why?
Heba -- 1-866-613-0001 or Ed -- 1-866-613-0002 or vote online until 3pm EST on Monday, December 15.

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Anonymous said...

I voted for Ed too. I can't stand Heba and that would piss her off if Ed wins. Don't get me wrong, I admire that she busted her butt but she's too cocky and thinks she has it worse than everybody else. I can't stand that! I'm SOOOOOO glad that Michelle got into the final. I was nervous for her. Her and Renee was my second favorite couple and was furious when Renee got voted off last week. It should've been Coleen in the finale with Michelle!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Of course Vicky didn't learn anything. If she had she might not be so nasty. I hope that she goes home and watches EVERY episode and feels ashamed of her nasty behavior! I hope Heba does the same. If I had to chose out of those 3 blue team members, I would pick Ed, but I seriously hope Michelle wins!!!

Go Michelle!


Anonymous said...

I just read that Ed had to have surgery the day before the weigh-in! So, if he's recovering, maybe he won't be able to lose as much in the interim.

I mean, I hate to think ill of anyone, I don't hope he DIES of this hernia thing, but I do want to stack the cards in Michelle's favor.

Anonymous said...

I just started watching BL last night, for the first time, due to your exuberance for this show. Plus, there was nothing else on to watch. lol! Now I couldn't get an accurate vibe on the remaining contestants, after watching just one episode, however, I did seem to want to root for Michelle. Obviously the underdog. I voted to keep Ed since Heba seemed to think that she was the obvious choice to be voted by America to stay. Too cocky for her own good, as far as I'm concerned. From reading your previous blogs, I know that you don't like Vicki's gameplay, however, I didn't get to see enough of her shenanigans last night to make a clear assessment on her. Well, not until she was in the limo on her way home. It seemed like she was more excited for her kids to see her, than her seeing them. I mean, she hasn't seen/held her children in 12 weeks! One would think that she'd be over the moon. All she kept saying was that her weight loss would give them the strength to do the same if they were ever in the same situation. She seemed more concerned about being in the finale, than her actual weight loss. Strange. Led me to believe that she could be a selfish person.

Amy said...

I think that Heba could be a contender in the finale. Moreso than Ed even. I want Michelle to win, but really, as long as Vicky doesn't win, I'm ok.

Grandmommy said...

I agree, I voted for Ed because Heba is so selfish to want it over her husband and I want to Michelle to win. Anyone but Vicky!!! LOL
Karen A.

Rochelle said...

I accidentally voted for Heba. I thought we were voting like they vote in the elimination room. This was on the call-in vote. I hopefully made up for it by voting for Ed a bunch of times over the email. My reasoning is that it would mess up the blue team's "plan"... although Heba has inconsistent numbers, I don't think she intentionally refrains from losing weight.

Vicky will balloon back up within a year. She'll spend her 250 grand on milkshakes. She can't even get her kids to eat veggies? Okay, what if that's all they were served and they went hungry otherwise? I bet they'd start eating veggies after a few days of not eating anything.