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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Confessions of a Technofraud

In the spirit of authentic communication, I need to make a confession. I am a technofraud. I am regarded by friends and co-workers as technologically advanced. They refer to me as the dotcom queen. And that’s fairly accurate. I can pretty much find anything on the web and use the internet as my first point of inquiry for any question at hand.

However, my techno prowess ends there. I attended BlogIndiana 2008 today and had to face that which I have known for a while. When it comes to communications technology, I’m quite antiquated in my knowledge.

So here I go…laying it all out here:

• I just gave up my AOL account a few months ago.

• When my kids put a photo on the background of my phone, I’m stuck with it because I don’t know how to change it.

• I don’t have a Twitter account and wouldn’t know what to do with one if I did.

• I only send about 10 text messages a month and am miserably slow at doing so.

• The concept of a smart phone makes me feel dumb.

• My Flickr is the TV remote control.

• My husband puts stuff on my iPod because I don’t know how to.

• The term “RSS feed” makes me want to order a pizza.

For the moment, the fact that I am a technofraud is my little secret (and now yours). But, my kids are going to quickly outpace me and realize my technological inadequacies, beyond the fact that I don’t know how to work the Xbox or Playstation, which is already well-known to them.

If you can help me jump with both feet into the 21st century, go ahead and send me a fax.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Amy. I'm with ya in the communication tech dept. Well, just about anyway. While I can upload my ipod and change the b/g pic on my cell phone, I am ashamed to admit that I have NEVER sent a text message, nor have I tried or desired to do so. To boot, I have no idea what 'Twitter', 'Flikr' or 'RSS Feed' stand for! Oh, and I STILL have an AOL account (even though I pay for a Verizon broadband email account every month) just because AOL is much more user friendly. Well, I take that back. Now that AOL is free it is really working my nerves with all the ads, search boxes and stuff that take forever and a day to upload. So, just know this, you're not alone. LOL!

Unknown said...

I love it! After Kyle's class you are now an expert. :)