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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Top 10 reasons why this birthday blows

Today is my 38th birthday and I'm feeling sorry for myself. I didn't intend to feel sorry for myself, it's just worked out that way.

It's not that my family forgot my birthday -- my parents, my in-laws and all of my siblings have called with birthday wishes. A dear friend sent me a lovely e-mail bright and early this morning. Heck, even my next door neighbor e-mailed to say "Happy Birthday."

It's not the age itself. 38 is not 40 -- or 50 or 60 -- after all. I guess I just have to chalk it up to "It's by birthday and I'll cry if I want to."

So, allowing myself to wallow in self-pity, I've come up with a list:

Top 10 Reasons Why this Birthday Blows:

10. The birthday clean up fairy did not come to my house and magically make all the mess go away.

9. None of my online buddies wished me a Happy Birthday.

8. I'm immature enough to let #9 bother me.

7. I didn't get to sleep in because the kids had to go to school today (which will make its way onto my not-yet-conceived Top 10 reasons school should not start until after Labor Day).

6. I keep saying birthdays don't matter to me, but the fact that I'm making this list shows that they really do and that irritates me.

5. I had to cancel my birthday lunch with my sister because I cannot find my stinkin' car keys (and by default, my stinkin' house or office keys as well).

4. We are out of Diet Cokes and I couldn't go get more (see #5).

3. The mailman brought more bills than birthday wishes.

2. The 38 pounds I was supposed to lose before my 38th birthday are still here -- and they've invited a few friends to stick around as well.

1. No cake.


Sharon said...


This is the first I was able to check your blog today. I'm sorry! :(
I hope you have a better b-day night.
If I lived closer, I'd come clean your house today. :)

Kate said...

If I had no birthday cake I'd be a very, very sad girl.

Vicki aka Diva Mom said...


It must be 38. My 38th birthday SUCKED big time too. I promise 39 should be much better! (And hint, just take it upon yourself to make it a great day - that's what I do now! I buy my own cake, arrange lunch plans with friends and shop for my own gifts!)

Mike Magan said...

Sorry I couldn't make it happier.

Anonymous said...

Aw..Ame, I'm sorry your birthday blew..but just know that I LOVE YOU!! See you TODAY for did find your car keys, right?

Erik Deckers said...

Happy belated birthday.

Wait until you're 41. You'll think back fondly to the days when you were 38, so young and spry and able to stand out without grunting.

Lori said...

happy belated birthday! I too hated my must be the fact we work so hard to celebrate the kids that we'd love a little attention.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Amy! Sorry to have forgotten! I can barely remember my own name with the start of school and all -- very busy time of year for us. Sorry that your day wasn't so great. Some years b-days are just like that, I'm learning. I'm getting ready to turn 41 (!) this month, so embrace your youth while you still have it. LOL! Hope your next b-day is better :)