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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Seeking the opposite of me

I was at a meeting with people from Smaller Indiana this morning. It was an energizing discussion that wandered from recognizing "40 Over 40" in the areas of communication, commerce and culture to the innate desire of people to make lasting connections with others. One thing that fellow "Smoosier" (as we Smaller Indiana folks like to call ourselves ) Lalita Amos said about blogging has stayed with me all day.

I can't quote her exactly, but she said something to the effect that as a blogger, she seeks out other bloggers who have different viewpoints than she does. Insert lightbulb emoticon here because, quite frankly, that idea had never occurred to me.

Being pretty new to the blogosphere, I was told that one way to get your blog noticed is to visit others' blogs and leave comments. So, I set out to search for blogs I might find interesting. Using the profile key words in Blogger, I clicked on the blogs of those people who listed key words and phrases that I had listed, including "Scrabble," "Catholic" and "Steel Magnolias." And I did find some blogs I found interesting and worth repeat visits.

But I must admit, having such a limited purview might get old after a while -- kind of like blogging to the choir, I suppose. So I am looking to expand my blog horizons. If you know of any enlightening blogs by non-white, non-Catholic, non-mothering, non-moderately conservative, non-Scrabble-addicted or non-fat bloggers, please let me know!


Silliyak said...

May I recommend "Drunken Housewife". She's about as far from you as I can imagine, (without REALLY knowing you) but she's a good soul and has an interesting life. She has lots of interesting commenters also.
There's a link on my blog "Iris,Lucy/Lola..." etc
Good Luck.