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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Biggest Loser: Who will you vote for?

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It's down to the wire for Season 7 of the Biggest Loser. Tara, Helen, Mike and Ron are the last four contestants in the competition. Everyone headed home for 30 days, knowing that they would go back to the ranch for one last weigh in before the finale.

Much of the first half of the show focused on the homecomings. I couldn't help but feel bad for Shanon, Helen's daughter, and Max, Mike's brother. Tara was positively glowing.

Being at home was a struggle for all of the contestants. Mike's admission about closet eating hit home with me. Eat it before you get home so no one knows you've eaten. Yep. Been there, done that.

Helen said she knew there was a beautiful person inside of her. That's part of my problem. I don't have a vision of the skinny me inside. In fact, I'm pretty sure I don't believe it's possible.

Ron's guilt over setting a bad example for his kids, well, let's just say that might be the first thing Ron and I have ever agreed on.

Finally, Tara spoke of never living life to the fullest when she was heavy because she was so self-conscious. I refer to it as "living on the surface of life."

The Challenge
While they were home, the four were informed that their final Biggest Loser challenge would be to complete a marathon -- 26.2 miles. This was by far the most inspirational challenge I've seen on any season of this show.

It was cool to see Tara finish the course strong. It was uplifting to see Helen finish in under six hours. I was glad to see Mike persevere despite being unable to run the marathon due to a hip injury. Having past Biggest Losers (Ali and Michelle) and past at-home winners (Jay, Heba, Jim) was a great addition.

But I will readily admit that I had tears in my eyes to see Ron -- who either sat out of or quit most of the season's challenges -- walk the entire 26.2 miles. It took him 13 hours to do it, but Ron freakin' finished a marathon! I still think you might have ties to the Mafia, Ron, but tonight, you are da man, dude.

The Weigh-In
After the marathon, the weigh-in was almost anti-climatic. Mike, Ron & Tara each lost 10 pounds in their 30 days at home. Helen lost 7 pounds. Based on total percentage of weight loss, Tara and Helen are definitely finalists.

The Vote
America gets to vote between Ron and Mike to determine the 3rd finalist. I think my vote is with Mike, mostly because I think he deserves it and because he can give Tara and Helen the best run for the money and the title.

Voting will take place between now and tomorrow night at 10pm. To vote for Mike, call 1-866-613-0002. To vote for Ron, call 1-866-613-0001.

The Biggest Idea
I would love to be live blogging in the audience at the finale. Who thinks it would be a great idea? Twitter that to @Ali_Sweeney, @JillianMichaels and @nbc!


Deby said...

OMG! It's 8:33pm California time and I couldn't wait...I had to come see what happened!

It dawned on me that Ron is the last remaining member of Bob's team. There doesn't seem to be any doubt that one of Jillian's team members will be The Biggest Loser!

The shows back on...gotta go!

Old Woman said...

i'm thinking Mike. just because i like him.

Annie said...

I'm playin' the game and voted for Ron. I don't think he has a chance against the girls, so voting for him would (I hope!!!) help one of the girls win!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Annie. I think it's great that Mike lost all that weight but I'm playing the game at this point. Of course, with Ron's mind, he may be hoping that America does just that and sends his son home, so he can be at the finale. Who knows! I do have to say that I did cry when Ron FINALLY finished the marathon. How awesome that must have been to him and his family.

Smoochiefrog said...

I cried when Ron crossed the finish line too.

I've been trying to vote for Mike, but keep getting a busy signal. I kind of have a reality TV show crush on him. He's just too cute.

Joanie said...

That was one great episode! It was heart-warming to see Ron finish the marathon. And so cool that the Doc was there with him too!

A little catty aside here... anyone else notice Heba has put on a few pounds and trying to hide it under the black jacket?

My daughter and I were discussing how the voting would go. Do you vote for Mike to be one of the final 3 because he deserves it, or do you vote Ron to be in the final 3 to give Tara a better chance at winning? I think I'd be voting for Ron, to tell the truth.

Another aside.... Ron pleading for everyone to vote for his son to be in the final 3 reminded me of Heba's husband (can't remember his name)pleading for America to vote for Heba because she wanted it so bad, and the vote for the husband was a landslide!!! It spoke volumes about how much America disliked Heba and her tactics!

Tara, hands down, DESERVES to win this competition!!! She stayed positive nearly all the time, never fell below the yellow line, won the most challenges.

I'm curious of the time-frame from the marathon and weigh-in to the finale. Is there a span of a week or a month or two? Anyone know?

Matt A said...

I voted for Ron because Ron has argued for two straight weeks that he should be kept because he's not stronger. He was kept over Kristin, the bigger threat. He was kept over Filipe, the bigger threat. It's time for him to be kept over Mike, the bigger threat.

Time to send Tara to a WELL deserved victory. Never below the yellow line, won the most challenges by far.

Deby said...

Just had to come back to say I'm thinking the same as everyone else and cast my 10 votes for Ron last night.

As a positive to all of this, we can vote Ron into the finale to show all of us 50 something's that even if your body is starting to fail you, this losing weight/getting healthy process can be accomplished!

I don't think Ron would win the $250,000 by any stretch of the imagination, but he should be proud of himself if he makes it to the final 3.

And finally, yes Joanie, I did notice Heba. She did look a little hippy as she was trying to hide behind Ron.

Can hardly wait for next Tuesday!!!!

Mama bird said...

I tried and tried to vote for Mike last night but could never get through!

And if I sign up for Twitter...I'll tweet for you to be at the finale!

Great post.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I found it on the DVR! It was there the whole time just on the opposite DVR I was checking! I could smack myself for that because now I have missed being able to keep Mike for the finale!!! Argh!

I am so proud of Ron for completing the Marathon!!! I was in tears!