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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Taking it offline

I've met some really cool people online. Some via this blog. Others through participation in other social network sites. But I've only met a handful of them in person. Yesterday, I upped that total by one when I had lunch with Angie of Angelica Grace Designs.

I invited her to lunch because we live in the same school district and they've had a really good experience with the resource programs available for her daughter who has special needs. (She's the cutie who models all the AGD clothing.) I just wanted to hear about what the public school district has to offer to make sure we're doing right by Robbie as far as school goes.

The discussion about school was about 1/8 of my conversation with Angie. We talked about how much my Charlie and her Brennan would get along. I asked about how she started AGD. We talked about how we both got married fairly young (she at 18, me at 23) and how we'd never let our own kids do the same (as if we have any control over that!). We nodded in agreement that women need their girlfriends.

It was a very nice way to spend an hour or so. Her family is leaving soon for the summer, but I hope Angie and I have a chance to catch up again next fall. Have you ever met up with someone in person who you first met online? Is there someone you know from online that you'd like to meet in real life? Or do you think that's crazy and/or dangerous? Tell us a little about it.


Angie Seaman said...

Love this post girl. It was so great to catch up with you and talk in person yesterday. I told my husband that I just really had a great and relaxing lunch. And as you know, I needed that yesterday given the morning I'd had. Can't wait to recruit you to be my exercise buddy when we get back into town. :) Wink wink!

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and keep in touch!

Blessings, Angie

Momza said...

Yes, I did. We'll celebrate our 11th anniversary this November. Online is a great way to meet lifelong friends or just fun acquaintenances.

Sharon said...

Yes! I met a blogging friend and we are now great friends. :) Crystal-she is a blogger, too, and comments on my blog (if you've noticed).

I'm so grateful, because without blogging, I don't think she & I would have ever become such good friends!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I have met 2 in person (almost 3)! The first I met through one of the Down syndrome message board and we all met at the Zoo in Louisville! The second I met in person was actually the VERY first blog I ran into. She lives within 2 hours of me and she has a daughter the same age as Gabi also with Down syndrome. We have met again since then. The almost third I was supposed to meet on our way to my aunt's cabin in Tennessee. She had to cancel because she was headed to the ER with a severe migraine. The 1st doesn't have a blog, but 2 and 3 do. You may know them: Nicole from All 4 My Gals and Renee from Life With My Special K's. Of course I intend on meeting you one day too!

As far as dangerous goes! I guess it could be, but if you have spoke to someone long enough I think it would be kind of hard to hide the crazy after so long! LOL

Oh and if you want to go way back, I also met Gabi's dad online. So maybe I wouldn't recommend it! LOL

Joanne said...

HI Amy - what a delight to find your blog and of course the first post I see is this one (then the pedicure one LOL). I have been online for a long time and have met so many wonderful wonderful people in real time because of that. In fact my all time favourite online meet and greet is now my husband and at our wedding were two other couples one from New York and another from California that were online friends first.

Of course there are dangerous people online but heck there are dangerous people in our parks -- so I figure I am a good person I am online and there has to be others like me -- and there is.

Amy said...

@Shannon -- ITA about meeting up. Maybe we should plan something for this summer?

@Joanne -- Welcome! How'd you find me? I look forward to getting to know you.

Nate's Mom said...

I have an amazing group of online mommy friends. We started on and "June 2000 mommies" because we had babies due in June of 2000. Nine years later, many of us still post on a daily basis, although we have moved to a more secure bulletin board. I have met several of them on different occasions.

Check out my blog post I took my middle to Seattle to meet a mommy friend. We had met twice before.

And the wonderful family photos here you have to scroll to nearly the bottom of the page, were taken by another mommy from that group, who lives in Ohio.

I love the internet. It's a great place to make new friends, as long as you are careful!

Sheri in CA

Eternal Lizdom said...

I have a small circle of friends that I met online- all of our kids were born in Feb/Mar of 05. We met on a message board and the 5 of us were drawn to each other and actually ended up with our own private board on my own message board. We've met all together once and in various small groupings several times. My parenting soulmate comes from this group- she lives in CT and we can turn to each other in parenting issues and know the other person understands where we are coming from and where we are trying to get to!

Joanne said...

HI Amy -- actually I was drawn to the name of your blog on 3FC and was pleased to see you were really on blogspot -- so here I am.

Anonymous said...

I haven't met any other bloggers for a face to face but I would in a heartbeat if it worked out geographically. I have made a few friendships on line. I would have liked to have been included in your meeting though as I have two with special needs and sometimes feel alone in the world when it comes to dealing with teachers and IEP's.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Amy, the summer sounds great to me! I will have more days off! Do you ever get any weekdays off?