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Monday, May 18, 2009

Pancake prayers


This morning, I posted this as my Facebook status update:

God is not just in the a-ha's of life. Sometimes He is in the ordinary. Sometimes He uses pancakes to answer prayers.

A few people asked me if there was a story in this and there is. I wasn't sure if I wanted to share it here, but it struck me so much and has stayed with me all day that I've decided to go ahead.

I've made brief mention here that Mike and I are weathering some tough times. But sometimes I forget that it's more than just me and him in this tension.

This morning, I was in the kitchen getting out the griddle to make pancakes for breakfast. Annie came downstairs, walked in the kitchen and said, "Mom, what are you doing?"

"Making pancakes."

She got a funny smile on her face, walked out of the room, came back in and smiled at me again. When I asked what was going on, I got the typical pre-teen, "Nothing…"

Unsatisfied with that response, I asked her again.

"Well, yesterday I heard you and Daddy fighting. I was scared, so I said a prayer. I asked God to let Mom make pancakes in the morning so I'd know everything was going to be ok."

She started crying. I did too. I scooped her into my arms - as much as you can scoop someone already taller than yourself - and assured her that everything would indeed be ok. I told her that Mike and I are going to counseling together and that we both have every hope for a long future.

I also explained that we weren't fighting, but having a loud discussion about the merits (or not) of having Obama speak at Notre Dame and being awarded an honorary degree.

I feel guilty for the fear and anxiety she is obviously feeling. (She does have access to a counselor.) I hope that as she went to school today, she felt some comfort in the knowledge that sometimes God answers prayers with pancakes.


Jessica McCoy said...

That is amazing and absolutly true. Answered prayers can come in the weirdest forms. You & Mike are in my prayers and I hope the counseling goes well!

I'm currently reading "Power of a Praying Wife" but there is another you may be interested in called "Power of a Praying Parent". Have you heard of it? I really love the Praying Wife and it has really made a difference in our lives. If (or when) we have kids I want the Praying Parent version.

Momza said...

well that put a big lump in my throat.
I too, hope there are many more "pancake prayers" answered for all of you.
Thanks for sharing. Hug that sweet girl of yours!

Annie said...

God is awesome! I love it when He speaks so loudly like that. Great story, thanks for sharing!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Oh wow!!!

I rarely pray for specific outcomes. I try to pray for my own strength, to hear God's voice, etc. However, on my flight back from D.C., we hit turbulence. I don't mind flying but I start to verge on panic when there is turbulence. After a few good bumps and dips, the flight attendant straps in and then comes on the intercom and announces that the pilot has alerted him that we will be experiencing "significant" turbulence for the next few moments.

I prayed. Hard. I had this sense of doom that I've not had before. I prayed over and over... God, guide the plane, guide the pilot. Guide the plane, guide the pilot.

We didn't hit a bump. Nothing. Not a stitch. Smooth remainder of flight, smooth landing.

Once we were on the ground, the skies looked horible and Jeff told me the weather had been really windy all afternoon.


I hope you and Mike come together again. Jeff and I have differences of opinion on a lot of things regarding religion and politics and other things... and have had some nasty disagreements. But the base is the same; we continue to choose love over all the differences. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Once again I am reminded that I should not read your blog at work. I have a rule about crying in the workplace. Thanks for sharing this story. You know that you remain in my prayers. I will say a special one for Annie today. Denise

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing. ((hugs))

Joanie said...

Thank you for sharing that with us, Amy. That was powerful.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

I just got such goosebumps reading this.

Your daughter is awesome, and so are you, Amy.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Praise God! He is so good! He comforts the little children even with Pankakes! I have teary eyes!

Nate's Mom said...

This brought tears to my eyes. What an awesome girl you have there who would think to ask God for a specific sign. And what an awesome God to give her that sign. Thanks for sharing this.

Unknown said...

It's amazing how God works. Thanks so much for sharing. We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I think I might have been one of the people that asked you to explain. I know it was hard to share, but this is an amazing story. I got a lump in my throat. Sorry it took so long to respond I'm just catching up on my blog reading. Good luck to you all....and btw...I hate honorary Doctorates. Ellen was making fun of them on her show too.

tiffany said...

Oh my, I now have tears in my eyes. My hubby and I are going to counseling as well, it's amazing the difference it makes in our kids when they see us fighting to stay together isn't it?

Amazing post. Amazing.

Just Heather said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad you decided to share this story. We forget, sometimes, how much they see. I'm so glad God prompted you to make pancakes today.