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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wimping out

I called our cable provider to make some changes to our plan today. I dropped a second phone line and canceled one cable box in the basement that we never use. Then I tried to cancel the cable all together because I know my kids will waste half the summer away sitting mindlessly in front of the television.

The lady on the other end of the line was appalled. "You mean you want no TV at all?"

"Yes. That's what I mean."

"Even though on June 12th, you'll need cable to get even local channels?"

Crud. I hadn't thought of that. Now, I know all about the digital cable conversion and the converter boxes that you can get to pull in the local channels. But I started getting all wishy washy. What if the stores are sold out of the boxes? What if the box doesn't work and a tornado is headed right for us and we won't know it?

"Ok, well, then I want to go down to the basic cable."

"That will be only channels 76 below, ma'am."

"Yes, I know. That's what I want."

"Well, if you do that, you'll be disrupting your phone/internet/cable bundle, so your pricing will be affected."

To make a long, wimpy story short, I ended up hanging up the phone with the same cable arrangement I had when I called in the first place.

Then later in the day, I went to pick up my prescriptions from Costco. I had intended to move the scripts to Walgreens for the next refills because I can use the pharmacy drive-through and because Walgreens pharmacy is open earlier and later than Costco's. The scripts I picked up tonight had been waiting for over a week because I never could get to Costco when the pharmacy was open.

So I went in, determined this would be my last Costco Rx pickup. But then the pharmacy tech walked up to me and said "I'll be right with you Ms. M..." Wow. She knows my name. Suddenly this big box pharmacy seemed a little smaller and more intimate.

"But the hours of the pharmacy here are not good," I told myself.

"Yes, but she knows my name. That's personal attention," I argued back, my resolve crumbling.

So I left there not letting them know we'd be changing pharmacies because of course, now I don't know. Maybe the hours aren't such a big deal?

I don't know why I have such a hard time standing my ground. I think it has to do with my role as a people-pleasing firstborn. I don't want anyone to think badly of me. I'm trying to toughen up a little bit. Someone at work recently told me "If it's not 100% yes, then it's a no."

Hmmm...that sounds 98% good.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I completely understand!

Momza said...

:::Smile::: been there, done that.
And believe me, come mid-June, you'll be so glad the kids have the babysitter-box!

Joanie said...

I did just what you want to do (almost). I dropped hi-def digital cable and got regular cable, lost all the premium channels, got rid of my land line and knocked about $70 off my monthly bill.
Next, I switched from CVS to Walmart because most of my Rxs I can get for $4 at Walmart.
You can do it, Amy!!

Anonymous said...

I tried to cancel cable like you. I didn't want to be paying full price for something that someone just signing up will get for pennies. They lowered my bill (a bit) and wore me down. I'm easily persuaded. That explains my multiple marriages. LOL

Joanne said...

Ackkk so is that the lot in life for first borns? We just spend all our time pleasing everyone but ourselves?? Except for the tornado warnings I could have written this post.

Marine Wife said...

I wanted to get rid of cable too and not just for the summer. But I could tell Stretch (who is never here anyway!) wasn't too thrilled with the idea. Hello! We've done this before and lived. It would save so much $$. Oh, well...