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Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's the thought that counts.

My husband is a terrible secret-keeper. One of the worst. Now, this year he didn't tell me what he was getting me for Mother's Day. Just as bad, he told the kids.

"It's something for the Wii," Charlie hinted a few days ago. And since I'm unaware of any Scrabble game for the Wii, I guessed to myself that it was something Biggest Loser-related.

My suspicions were confirmed when there were about 15 minutes of panic yesterday in which Mike and the kids seemed to have misplaced the gift. It wasn't real hard to figure out what they were talking about with Mike hollering "Where is the Jillian game?!"

Now, I KNOW that it's the thought that counts. And I KNOW that Mike saw this game and thought "Biggest Loser! She loves the Biggest Loser!" And that is truly sweet.

But, let's all put our chubby-plus thinking caps on. What might this gift say to someone who needs to lose 70 pounds?

"Hey, honey, you're fat so I bought you this," comes to mind.

In Mike's defense, he wanted to have my car detailed as a Mother's Day gift, but I declined because it was too much money. Using my own logic, the gift of a car detail might have said "Gee, your car is a pig sty," which is true (or was until I made the kids clean it out yesterday). But I can view my car being called a pig sty far more objectively than I can my body being called fat.

To be sure, he never said "You're fat," that's all my own inner translation of the message. I know that in Mike's mind, this gift said "I want you to be healthy and around for a long time."

And truthfully, it IS the thought that counts. Which is exactly what I will be telling myself as I exchange the Jillian Michael's game for a new outfit.


Marine Wife said...

It could've been worse. While deployed my husband thought either a personal trainer or a tummy tuck would make good gifts for me. Fortunately, my sister talked him out of both. Now, I know that he had only the best of intentions: he wanted to help me get in better shape since I'm always complaining about the one I have and he wanted me to feel better about myself. However, what both said to me was that he thought I was FAT. He claims he doesn't and I choose to believe him sometimes. But still...

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I am sooo jealous!!! I want that now! I didn't even know it was out there! How do I talk my hubby into letting me have it when I hardly use my wii fit?? LOL

Anyhow I think it's a great gift! Mike knows what you like and he got you something that you certainly have strong fondness for!

IzzyBeth said...

I had the Jillian game, and it wasn't worth it. It doesn't work very well.

So don't feel bad about exchanging it!!