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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pigs in the sky


There must be pigs flying somewhere because, for the third day this week, I just finished exercising. If you follow me on Twitter or are my Facebook friend, this won't be news to you, but I thought I'd let my 4th Frog friends in on my secret.

Now, I realize there are millions of people who get up and exercise every day without feeling the need to announce it to the world. But people, I'm after some positive reinforcement here. Exercise does not thrill me, what with all the heavy breathing and sweating and sore muscles. However, I've started a personal campaign to not die before I turn 40, so I figure exercise has to be part of the package.

And let me 'fess up about the term "exercise." I am not hitting the gym. I am not doing Jazzercise. I am not lifting weights. I am lacing up my tennies and going for a walk around the neighborhood. That's as far as I can go right now. By the way, if you live in my neighborhood and are leaving home early in the morning, please watch out for me. I tend to walk the first 5 or 10 minutes with my eyes mostly closed until I can wake up a bit.

Truth be told, I'm kind of enjoying this exercise thing. Well, not so much the aforementioned heavy breathing and sweating part, but the quiet and solitude part. I always thought I should find a neighbor to go walking with me in the morning, but I like having that time to let my brain hang out.

I've been walking sans iPod since I leave mine at work. Plus, then I'd have to hold it as I'm walking and my carpal tunnel would act up and it would become more of a distraction. Unless I pulled a "mom" and tucked it into a fanny pack, which would totally embarrass my kids -- even if they aren't with me while I'm walking. So, instead I sing (mostly to myself), I pray, I run through things I need to do (though I'm trying to keep that to a minimum).

Interestingly, walking with me, myself and I has been somewhat of a mental exercise as well. I find that the quicker my pace, the more frenzied my thoughts become. So I try to keep a good pace while keeping my mind slowed and thoughtful. It's not as easy as it sounds.

Now I realize that I'm going on as though I've got some experience or expertise to share about exercise. And I realize that it's only been three days, days on which the weather has been wonderfully cool. (Can I keep this up mid-August when it's 80 degrees at 7am?). I don't mean to come off smugly or all "Woohoo! Look at me, I'm all that and a bag of fat-free, salt-free pretzels."

I just figured you might like an explanation for the pigs flying by your window.


Sharon said...

CONGRATS!!! :) So happy for you.

Walking is my main thing & preferred form of exercise.
I am doing some weight stuff right now, but power walking is what got most of my excess off, and I love it.

I do use my i-pod most of the time, but I use the arm holder thingy, not a fanny pack. ;) It was maybe $10 at Wal-Mart. I listen to a funny podcast, and it lasts me about an hour.

I'm so proud of you. :) What a good thing you're doing for yourself.
Keep it up!

Momza said...

Yea! for you! Doesn't it feel good to just do something for yourself?
I'm really happy for you.
Keep it up!

Jessica McCoy said...

Woo Hoo! Good for you! I started Weight Watchers this week and having been doing pretty good with food but haven't had enough time to add in excersie (well if I got up at 4am I'm sure I would have enough time but I haven't talked my body in to that yet).

I so wish it was cool here. It's 80 at 7AM and 102 by noon. Yuck!

Kathleen said...

That is awesome! Keep up the good work!

As soon as I have these babies and am physically recovered from that endeavor, I am going to get on the exercise (mostly walking) bandwagon too! If there's one thing I've learned over the past few weeks, it's that I do NOT want to feel like I feel right now - sore, tired, unable to stand for any length of time, unable to walk much of anywhere, etc. I was out of shape before I got pregnant, and now it's just awful. I want to be healthy! Three cheers for not dying before age 40! :)

Joanne said...

Way to go!!! When I get into exercise mode I do find I miss it. So very very good for you -- four days and counting.

Not sure if I read that you made a mistake and left your iPod at work or if you always leave it there. I have the little iPod shuffle (very cheap) and it clips on to your clothes. No harm in two types of music thingys - or I can always ship you my old CDplayer - now that would embarass the kidlets.

Michelle said...

YAY! I will be going to Jazzercize tomorrow morning so I will think of you! :)

Nate's Mom said...

WTG! I need to climb on the bandwagon with you (no jumping here). The cruise was awesome. And I did manage to stay under the 10 pound average weight gain. But, I do have plenty of work to do. Do you have a pedometer? That was inspiring to me at one time for walking. Anyway, keep up the good work and I will check in for inspiration. I really need it here too, because it's so HOT!

Sheri in CA

PowerBall said...

Great stuff! I am doing some weight stuff right now, but power PowerBall walking is what got most of my excess off, and I love it.